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Generative Adversarial Networks

Keras implementation of WassersteinGAN.



python modules

numpy==1.13.3 natsort==5.1.0 matplotlib==2.0.2 opencv_python== scipy==1.0.0 tqdm==4.17.0 Keras==2.0.8 parmap==1.5.1 h5py==2.7.0 Theano==0.9.0 or tensorflow==1.3.0

Part 1. Processing the data

Follow these instructions.

Part 2. Running the code

Follow these instructions

Part 3. Example results

CelebA example results

figure figure

For each image:

  • The first 2 rows are generated images
  • The last 2 rows are real images


Results on the unrolled GAN paper to dataset:


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