Keras implementation of the VGG16-CAM model
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Implementation of the VGG-CAM model with keras


Original matlab implementation and paper here.


  • keras with theano backend (keras version 1.0.4 or later)
  • h5py
  • numpy
  • matplotlib
  • opencv3

External data

Download the keras vgg16 weights.


  1. Use the train_VGGCAM function to fine tune the VGG16 model on your data. You should write your own code to feed the data into the network.
  2. Use the plot_classmap function to then plot the class activation map on an image specified by its path.

Example plot

On the Kaggle StateFarm dataset:

Drive + Phone 1 Drive + Phone 2

The network is focusing on the cell phone the driver is holding, regardless of driver ID or hand position.