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Customized style

Styles in GooseMPL

The following styles are part of GooseMPL (they become available upon installing GooseMPL):

  • goose

    Customized layout settings.

  • goose-latex

    Extend a style to enable the use of LaTeX, and change the font to LaTeX default Computer Modern font.

  • goose-tick-in

    Place the tick-markers (the little lines) at the inside of the axes rather than at the outside.

  • goose-tick-lower

    Shown only axes on the bottom and left side of the figure (those on the top and right are not shown).

See the :ref:`examples-pyplot`.


Matplotlib has a very convenient way to customize plots while minimizing the amount of customized code needed for this. It employs easy-to-switch plotting styles with the same parameters as a matplotlibrc file. The only thing needed to switch styles is:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt'name_of_custom_style')

A number of styles are available. To list them use

Also, one can use one's own style. This is a plain-text file name_of_custom_style.mplstyle stored in a sub-directory stylelib of the Matplotlib configuration directory; e.g.:

~/.matplotlib/stylelib/         # MacOS/Linux
~/.config/matplotlib/stylelib/  # MacOS/Linux

The exact directory depends on the operating system and the installation. To find the directory to use on your system, use:

import matplotlib


More information in the matplotlib documentation


Combining styles

Combining different styles is easily accomplished by including a list of styles. For example:['dark_background','presentation'])

Temporary styling

To compose parts of the plot with a different style use:

    plt.plot(np.sin(np.linspace(0, 2 * np.pi)))


To get the available fields do the following:

import matplotlib as mpl

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