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SLURM commands

Command Description
sbatch "SLURM-file" submit a job, controlled using the script in "SLURM-file"
scancel "job-id" delete the job with identifier "job-id"
squeue list basic information of all jobs
sinfo list basic information of all nodes

Wrapper functions

Command Description
Gsub [...] submit a (batch of) job(s), controlled using the provided scripts
Gdel [...] delete a (batch of) job(s)
Gstat list basic information of jobs
Ginfo list basic information of all nodes
Gps list basic information of all running processes (on the system that you are logged onto)

Monitor processes and resources

Command Description
top live-monitor of current running processes
ps show snap-shot of processes
ps -aux show snap-shot of all processes
du -h size of directories
df -h total, used, and available disk-space

Directory operations

Command Description
pwd print working (current) directory
mkdir "dir" make new directory "dir"
cd "dir" go to directory "dir"
cd .. go up one directory
ls list files
ls -lh list files, with detailed file information


Command Description
cat "file" print file content to the screen
head "file" show first 10 line of the file content
tail "file" show last 10 line of the file content
cp "file1" "file2" copy "file1" to "file2"
mv "file1" "file2" move (rename) "file1" to "file2"
rm "file" remove "file"
rm -r "dir" remove "dir"

Bash commands

Command Description
whoami show your username
man command show manual of a command (sometimes: command -h or command --help

Search files

Command Description
find find files
grep show matched pattern in file content

Keyboard shortcuts

Command Description
Ctrl+c abort command
Ctrl+r search command history (use Ctrl+r to proceed to next match, and arrows to modify the command)
Ctrl+d exit terminal

Further reading

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