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Notes for developers


  • Better display name
  • Resize calender

Getting started

To start understanding the code one is advised to start from two sides:

  1. Study the structure and comments in mainwindow.h.
  2. Study the structure and names in mainwindow.ui using Qt Creator. In Qt Creator a large portion of the function behind the buttons (the slots) can be studied.

Handling time


#include "date.h"
#include <chrono>
#include <string>
#include <iostream>

int main()
  std::string str = "2016:07:30 09:27:06";

  date::sys_seconds tm;

  std::istringstream iss{str};
  iss >> date::parse("%Y:%m:%d %H:%M:%S", tm);

  tm -= std::chrono::duration<int>(10);

  std::cout << date::format("%Y:%m:%d %H:%M:%S\n", tm);

  std::cout << date::format("%a\n", tm);

  return 0;