(outdated/abandoned) REST Server for MongoDB (using node.js)
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mongodb-rest - REST server for MongoDB


This is a REST server for MongoDB using Node, using the native node.js MongoDB driver. Using Express, it can now start in any folder and will happily server any files a public folder.


Installation is now via npm: npm install mongodb-rest. After that you can just issue mongodb-rest on the command line and the server should start.


After installation you can quickly try whether it works by issuing the following from the command line:

curl -d '{ "A1" : 201 }' -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:3000/test/example1

This should add a document to the "test" db.example1 collection: { "A1": 201, "_id": ObjectId("4e90e196b0c7f4687000000e") }


Supported REST requests:

  • GET /db/collection - Returns all documents
  • GET /db/collection?query=%7B%22isDone%22%3A%20false%7D - Returns all documents satisfying query
  • GET /db/collection?query=%7B%22isDone%22%3A%20false%7D&limit=2&skip=2 - Ability to add options to query (limit, skip, etc)
  • GET /db/collection/id - Returns document with id
  • POST /db/collection - Insert new document in collection (document in POST body)
  • PUT /db/collection/id - Update document with id (updated document in PUT body)
  • DELETE /db/collection/id - Delete document with id


  • Setup "sproutcore" as flavor, it will then change _id as returned by MongoDB into guid, as used by SproutCore, this allows for simpler DataSources.
  • Setup "nounderscore" as flavor, it will then change _id into id.

Content Type:

  • Please make sure application/json is used as Content-Type when using POST/PUT with request body's.


  • Are all indicated in package.json. So far I indicate the lowest version with which I tested the code. Sadly this can result in non-working code when later versions are used.


Testing is now done using expresso. Just run the following in the main folder: expresso -s test/create.test.js test/delete.test.js test/update.test.js The SproutCore test needs to be run separately at the moment.


  • REST - PUT /db/collection - Update whole collection with changes in PUT body
  • Other useful commands (quit, reconnect, addUser, removeUser, etc)