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Age key manager

This shell script wraps age(1), an encryption tool, for convenience in everyday interactive use.

As of now, it implements three convenience features over age:

  • it adds the default encryption key when -d / --decrypt is specified (unless -i / --identity has been specified)
  • it wraps -r / --recipient: for -r tdemin it will read key contents from ~/.akm/
  • it generates a keys.txt for sops in ~/.akm/sops-keys.txt: linking ~/.config/sops/age/keys.txt will make sops decrypt with every key from ~/.akm/*.key.


Symlink your default key (putting an actual key file is fine too):

% age-keygen -o ~/.akm/tdemin.key
% ln -sf ~/.akm/tdemin.key ~/.akm/default.key
% age-keygen -y -o ~/.akm/ ~/.akm/default.key

Use akm like you would use age, but without the extra arguments usually required (like recipient key filename, identity file name, etc):

% echo "highly secret text" > document.txt
% akm -r alice -r tdemin -o document.txt.encrypted document.txt
% akm -d -o document.txt.decrypted document.txt.encrypted

Invoking akm with no arguments or --help will also show this help:

akm: age key manager and wrapper


  -r {recipient}:          read recipient key from ~/.akm/{recipient}.pub
  --recipient {recipient}: same as -r
  -h, --help:              display this help
  --version:               display akm version
  rest of args:            passed to age unmodified

This program wraps age(1). For every --recipient passed it will read the
correspondent ~/.akm/{recipient}.pub and pass the key from there. When -d is
specified, it will add --identity ~/.akm/default.key if no identities have been
specified on the command line.

Environment variables AKM_PROFILE and AKM_DEFAULT_KEY_FILENAME can be used to
override ~/.akm and ~/.akm/default.key, respectively. If AKM_PROFILE_SKIP_CREATE
is set, akm will skip creating AKM_PROFILE on first run.

akm manages a list of all age keys in ~/.akm/*.key for use with sops in
~/.akm/sops-keys.txt, which can be used to link ~/.config/sops/age/keys.txt to.
If this is undesirable, set AKM_PROFILE_SKIP_SOPS to a non-empty value.

For list of age(1) options, see age --help.


Add ~/.local/bin (or whichever directory you prefer) to your PATH:

% echo 'export PATH="${PATH}:${HOME}/.local/bin"' >> ~/.bashrc

Drop a copy of akm into the newly created directory and make it executable:

% curl -s > ~/.local/bin/akm
% chmod +x ~/.local/bin/akm