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As the name suggests, this is a simple backup script written in bash.

This script came up as a result of rewriting a few backup scripts that did their job yet shared like 90% of their code. The original scripts were very hasty, so I tried to remade them into something a little more presentable.

At this time this script is capable of dealing with backing up regular files/directories and PostgreSQL databases. It has a separate Docker volume backup option, but it's been mainly made to separate those from configuration files.

This script is meant to be periodically run with cron/systemd timers. It comes with example systemd units/timers made to do just that.

Usage a simple backup script.

Usage: [flags]

-a | --all: run the default set of backups (configs and Docker as of now)
-p | --postgres: run the backups on PostgreSQL databases
-d | --docker: run the backups on Docker volumes
-c | --configs: run the backups on the files specified in /etc/backups.conf
--no-cleanup: don't cleanup after the backup has finished
Configuration options

The configuration file is located at /etc/backups.conf. It has to be a valid bash script, as it's sourced at the program start.

For the available options see the example config file.


This script is not supposed to send backups to S3/Backblaze B2/etc. It assumes the tarballs are then copied to some other location with other tools (this may be rsync or whatever you like). The author themselves simply uses pscp for that.


Simple backup script in pure bash






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