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Builds an executable that will download the latest version ( from github as a zip and start a local webserver

If a zip is present, it will not download anything so you can use it offline

Adds a customs script to export to csv or json

  • Push (j) to export to (j)son
  • Push (c) to export to (c)sv
  • Push (q) to stop the process


Usage of c:\rps-offline\rps-offline.exe:

  • -bind string
    •    Name for binding, keep localhost for extra security (default "localhost")
  • -browse
    •    Start explorer with url (default true)
  • -indexdir string
    •    Directory in zip which contains index.html (base directory) (default "rps-master")
  • -port int
    •    Port for local web server (default 17132)
  • -postscript string
    •    Run after json export, if empty, nothing is done
  • -scriptlang string
    •    Select scripting language (default "cmd") [cmd,powershell]
  • -srcurl string
    •    Source url to zip (default "")
  • -tgtzip string
    •    Location where zip is download and where it will be used, alternatively can be used to point to another zip (default "")