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Download binaries for Windows, Linux and macOS

Minify is a CLI implementation of the minify library package.


Make sure you have Go and Git installed.

Run the following command

go get github.com/tdewolff/minify/cmd/minify

and the minify command will be in your $GOPATH/bin.

You can enable bash tab completion by using

source minify_bash_tab_completion


Usage: minify [options] [input]

  -a, --all                              Minify all files, including hidden files and files in hidden directories
      --css-decimals int                 Number of decimals to preserve in numbers, -1 is all (default -1)
  -h, --help                             Show usage
      --html-keep-conditional-comments   Preserve all IE conditional comments
      --html-keep-default-attrvals       Preserve default attribute values
      --html-keep-document-tags          Preserve html, head and body tags
      --html-keep-end-tags               Preserve all end tags
      --html-keep-whitespace             Preserve whitespace characters but still collapse multiple into one
  -l, --list                             List all accepted filetypes
      --match string                     Filename pattern matching using regular expressions
      --mime string                      Mimetype (eg. text/css), optional for input filenames, has precedence over -type
  -o, --output string                    Output file or directory (must have trailing slash), leave blank to use stdout
  -r, --recursive                        Recursively minify directories
      --svg-decimals int                 Number of decimals to preserve in numbers, -1 is all (default -1)
      --type string                      Filetype (eg. css), optional for input filenames
      --url string                       URL of file to enable URL minification
  -v, --verbose                          Verbose
      --version                          Version
  -w, --watch                            Watch files and minify upon changes
      --xml-keep-whitespace              Preserve whitespace characters but still collapse multiple into one

  Files or directories, leave blank to use stdin


css     text/css
htm     text/html
html    text/html
js      application/javascript
json    application/json
svg     image/svg+xml
xml     text/xml


Minify index.html to index-min.html:

$ minify -o index-min.html index.html

Minify index.html to standard output (leave -o blank):

$ minify index.html

Normally the mimetype is inferred from the extension, to set the mimetype explicitly:

$ minify --type=html -o index-min.tpl index.tpl

You need to set the type or the mimetype option when using standard input:

$ minify --mime=application/javascript < script.js > script-min.js

$ cat script.js | minify --type=js > script-min.js


You can also give directories as input, and these directories can be minified recursively.

Minify files in the current working directory to out/ (no subdirectories):

$ minify -o out/ .

Minify files recursively in src/:

$ minify -r -o out/ src

Minify only javascript files in src/:

$ minify -r -o out/ --match=\.js src


When multiple inputs are given and either standard output or a single output file, it will concatenate the files together.

Concatenate one.css and two.css into style.css:

$ minify -o style.css one.css two.css

Concatenate all files in styles/ into style.css:

$ minify -o style.css styles

You can also use cat as standard input to concatenate files and use gzip for example:

$ cat one.css two.css three.css | minify --type=css | gzip -9 -c > style.css.gz


To watch file changes and automatically re-minify you can use the -w or --watch option.

Minify style.css to itself and watch changes:

$ minify -w -o style.css style.css

Minify and concatenate one.css and two.css to style.css and watch changes:

$ minify -w -o style.css one.css two.css

Minify files in src/ and subdirectories to out/ and watch changes:

$ minify -w -r -o out/ src