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Writing an environment: Place it in environments// When unloaded, it will execute environments// Add hooks to environments//.sh


Extensions are small plugins for buildenv that provide extra functionality, such as prompt information, support for other buildsystems, environment variables, etc.

To enable an extension, edit $BUILDENV_HOME/config/$ and add the following:

buildenv_load_extension extension-name

Available extensions:








Available hooks:

Special hooks:

Hooks that begin with an underscore handle special events that affect a single buildenv or extension.

_load Called once, when the environment or extension is loaded. A great place to define any library functions needed.

_teardown Called once, when the environment or extension is unloaded. A great place to run any cleanup code, such as undefining functions.

Normal hooks

These hooks represent various events in the buildenv system.

buildenv-loaded A new buildenv is loaded

buildenv-unloaded A buildenv is unloaded

buildenv-changed The current 'master' buildenv is changed

init Buildenv is completely loaded

report Called from within buildenv_report.

restore-all _buildenv_restore_all is about to restore the environment to original values

load-config A configuration is activated.

firstrun 'buildenv' was executed for the first time. Useful for any kind of initialization you'd otherwise want to delay until you know the user will be actually using buildenv.

prompt Whenever the shell prompt is regenerated. WARNING: This function needs to be pretty much instant, as bash does not show the prompt 'till it is done.

Update Mechanism

There is a rudimentary update mechanism that assumes $BUILDENV_HOME is a git repository, originally cloned from somewhere (has an 'origin' remote).

To use, run buildenv_update