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The runlevel metaphor as applied to hackerspaces.

The Watering and Care of your Runlevel

The runlevel metaphor is an idea originally introduced to general purpose computering in System V Unix. For more information, I suggest reading the authoritive reference on the subject:

This package aims to implement the runlevel metaphor as a kind of distributed ethereal number accessible through a Graviton cloud. This implementation has three properties:

  • Resiliant to network effects, hardware degredation, hacking, etc
  • Accessible from anywhere with zero configuration or effort
  • The ability to monitor its value in real-time

Using Graviton, A service that implements net:noisebridge:runlevel is exposed on the network. It provides two methods, get and set. set accepts a single integer parameter named "runlevel". get takes no arguments and returns the integer runlevel.

A runlevel-changed event is broadcast whenever set is called.

Clients browse the default cloud for the net:nosiebridge:runlevel service, and get/set/watch the runlevel as appropriate.

Future iterations will implement a consensus algorithm such that multiple servers may consense upon the same runlevel.


You'll need to install the required dependencies:

This is built with a simple makefile using pkg-config:

$ make

Running a server

$ ./spacekit-runlevel serve

Getting the current runlevel

$ ./spacekit-runlevel get

Setting the current runlevel

$ ./spacekit-runlevel set 5

Watching for changes to the runelvel

$ ./spacekit-runlevel watch