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Options +ExecCGI
# if you run tDiary with symbolic link, use settings below.
#Options FollowSymLinks
# if making anchor style as 'YYYYMMDD.html', use settings below,
# then change 'your_URL_of_index.rb' and use html_anchor.rb plugn.
# But this method makes error into error_log of apache. It is better
# method to use mod_rewrite.
#<Files ~ "^([0-9]{4}|[0-9]{6}|[0-9]{8}).html$">
# ErrorDocument 404 your_URL_of_index.rb
AddHandler cgi-script .rb
DirectoryIndex index.rb
<Files "*.rhtml">
deny from all
<Files "tdiary.*">
deny from all
<Files update.rb>
AuthName tDiary
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /home/foo/.htpasswd
Require user foo
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