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# Container init script that can perform some basic tasks before running
# a service in the container:
# - Execute the service only on devices which are listed in a RUN_ON_DEVICES
# environment variable. This variable should be set to the Balena device
# name (as listed in Balena Cloud, not the hostname!). This is useful to
# run a service only a subset of devices in an app.
# - Materialize any configuration files in the container from environment
# variable values with the GEN_CONFIGS variable. This is a list of tuples:
# <env variable name>:<file to create with env variable value>
# For example:
# GEN_CONFIGS=FOO:/etc/foo BAR:/etc/bar
# Will take the value of FOO and place it in /etc/foo, and the value of BAR
# and place it in /etc/bar.
set -e
# Generate configs.
if [ -n "$GEN_CONFIGS" ]; then
for i in $GEN_CONFIGS; do
# Split based on a semicolon to identify the environment variable
# and file path.
CONFIG_VAR=`echo "$i" | cut -d':' -f1`
CONFIG_FILE=`echo "$i" | cut -d':' -f2`
# Skip this value if it couldn't be parsed.
if [ -z $CONFIG_VAR -o -z $CONFIG_FILE ]; then
echo " Failed to parse config variable and file from '$i'"
# Check the variable has a value and fail if not set.
if [ -z "$CONFIG_VALUE" ]; then
echo " Expected $CONFIG_VAR to have a value!"
exit 1
# Create any parent directories and set the value of the config file
# to the config value read from the config environment variable.
echo " Writing value of $CONFIG_VAR to file $CONFIG_FILE"
mkdir -p $(dirname $CONFIG_FILE)
# Check if RUN_ON_DEVICES is set and verify this device is in the list
# before running the service. The value of RUN_ON_DEVICES can be a space
# separated list of device names that should run this service.
# If RUN_ON_DEVICES is not set then this service will run no matter what.
if [ -n "$RUN_ON_DEVICES" ]; then
# Loop through all the values in RUN_ON_DEVICE and check if they match this
# device. When a match is found run the passed in executable.
for i in $RUN_ON_DEVICES; do
if [ $BALENA_DEVICE_NAME_AT_INIT = $i ]; then
echo " Running '$@' on device $BALENA_DEVICE_NAME_AT_INIT"
exec "$@"
exit 0
# No match was found, note it but don't fail since this is expected on devices
# which don't match.
echo " Skipping service, device $BALENA_DEVICE_NAME_AT_INIT does not match in 'RUN_ON_DEVICES=$RUN_ON_DEVICES'"
exit 0
# Run on devices isn't set so just run the passed in command.
echo " Running '$@' because no RUN_ON_DEVICES variable is set."
exec "$@"
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