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Package Description

ScriptUserControl is AjaxControlToolkit extension used to define complex user controls which support ASP.NET AJAX script extensions. It allows for combining aspx controls together and adding client script.
ScriptUserControl originally available in AjaxControlToolkit was removed from the package since DevExpress-driven version 15.1.
Adding this class back was finally made possible thanks to the changes introduced in version 18.1 - see issue #347 for the full story.
The orginal demo application has been posted back in 2007: How to preserve my Sys.UI.Control properties across postbacks??

Installation packege is available from NuGet: PM> Install-Package AjaxControlToolkit.ScriptUserControl

Note: breaking change was introuduced to the namespace. You may need to modify the last line of your control java scripts and reqister control class using Sys.Extended.UI.ControlBase instead of AjaxControlToolkit.ControlBase. Example: change
MyApplication.MyWebUserControl.registerClass('MyApplication.MyWebUserControl', AjaxControlToolkit.ControlBase);
MyApplication.MyWebUserControl.registerClass('MyApplication.MyWebUserControl', Sys.Extended.UI.ControlBase);


Do not hesitate to rate this repo and/or leave comments/suggestions if you find my work useful.