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* Fixed ARM UWP build configuration (Tested with VS2017)
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TDLib Universal Windows Platform example

This is an example of building TDLib SDK for Universal Windows Platform and an example of its usage from C#.

Building SDK

  • Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio 2015+ with Windows 10 SDK. We recommend to use the latest available versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and Windows 10 SDK.
  • Download and install CMake.
  • Install vcpkg or update it to the latest version using vcpkg update and following received instructions.
  • Install zlib and openssl for all UWP architectures using vcpkg:
cd <path to vcpkg>
.\vcpkg.exe install openssl:arm-uwp openssl:x64-uwp openssl:x86-uwp zlib:arm-uwp zlib:x64-uwp zlib:x86-uwp
  • (Optional. For XML documentation generation.) Download PHP. Add the path to php.exe to the PATH environment variable.
  • Download and install gperf. Add the path to gperf.exe to the PATH environment variable.
  • Download and install 7-Zip archiver, which is used by the build.ps1 script to create a Telegram.Td.UWP Visual Studio Extension. Add the path to 7z.exe to the PATH environment variable. Alternatively build.ps1 supports compressing using WinRAR with option -compress winrar and compressing using zip with -compress zip.
  • Build TDLib using provided build.ps1 script (TDLib should be built 6 times for multiple platforms in Debug and Release configurations, so it make take few hours). Pass path to vcpkg.exe as -vcpkg-root argument, for example:
powershell -ExecutionPolicy ByPass .\build.ps1 -vcpkg_root C:\vcpkg

If you need to restart the build from scratch, call .\build.ps1 -mode clean first.

  • Install Visual Studio Extension "TDLib for Universal Windows Platform" located at build-uwp\vsix\tdlib.vsix, which was created on the previous step by build.ps1 script.

Now TDLib can be freely used from any UWP project, built in Visual Studio.

Example of usage

The app/ directory contains a simple example of a C# application for Universal Windows Platform. Just open it with Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 and run.