Deletes files/folders in macOS based on a time specified in tags.
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macOS Self Destruct (Formerly OS X Self Destruct)

================== ![Gitter]( Chat.svg)

Author: Scott Weaver

License: GNU GPL v2.0 (see LICENSE.txt)

Version: 0.93

Securely destroys files or directories on a delay based on their macOS "Tag."

Available Tags: 1 Minute, 1 Hour, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year.
Multiplications of these tags are also supported (10 Minutes, 3 Hours, etc.).

For example, if a file is tagged with "1 Week" then it will be deleted at the time exactly one week from the last time the file was modified.

This allows you to put a self-destruct on files you would otherwise forget about, leaving your system crowded with junk.


Tested to work on macOS (will update this as it is re-tested on older variants)


./ --help


git clone
./mac-os-self-destruct/ --install


Once you have installed the cron process and it is actively working, you can start using self destruct immediately.

Open Tags Option

To get to the Tags area, right click on the file(s) you wish to tag and select "Tags..."

Open Tags Menu

Select Desired Tag

Assign one of the available tags to the file (spelling/spacing is important, but the character case does not matter):

Select Desired Tag

Verify Tag

You can verify the tag was placed on the file(s) by doing a simple search (e.g. "1 Day") and selecting the tags option.

Search for Tag

Once you've searched for the tag, you can see any files slated for self destruct.

Verify Tag by Search

And now we wait.


Run manually when installed:

self-destruct --run

Run manually when NOT installed:

./path/to/repo/ --run


Although I have used this for months without a problem, using this means you are doing so at your own risk.