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An unofficial AWS Lambda/API Gateway function for parsing and queuing webhook events sent by the Proximity Events iPhone app.
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Proximity Events Webhook Parser

A simple AWS Lambda function that 'queues' geolocation trigger events from the Proximity Events iPhone app in an SNS topic. Designed to be run via the AWS API Gateway as a Lambda proxy function.

(I don't have any relation to the Proximity Events app; I just found it an easy way to enable some location-based automation in my life!)

This function attempts to normalise the data received from the app, because sometimes it sends JSON and sometimes it sends x-www-form-urlencoded data, with different fields provided for each. I'm not sure why, but there you go. This function will get you - as much as possible - the same fields no matter what.

It also performs minor cleanups on the data and drops any Visit:Exit events, because they're unlike any of the other events in that they send an address that you were at, some time after the app detects that you left, which means it is no longer current and is superceded by any other event, such as Location:Update.

Other than that, this function tries to do its job quickly and get out of the way, while providing some error reporting if something goes wrong. I suggest using cloudwatchToPapertrail or another log monitoring tool to pick up what's happening.

Oh, and this function will also combine anything you add in the GET parameters - which can often be useful to indicate which phone the input is coming from!


Full instructions coming soon.

For now, the instructions basically are to set up an API Gateway endpoint and a Lambda function 😀. Create your geofences on the app, and set them - and any other events you wish to send - with a POST request to your API Gateway endpoint. You can also add context via GET parameters if you wish - eg. ?phone=work-phone.

There are no dependencies to install.


Run yarn test.

To have tests properly fail (non-zero exit code) when something goes wrong, export CI=true first. Otherwise you'll get JSON responses with HTTP error codes instead (made for the AWS API Gateway). For tests to succeed, you'll also need to have exported AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, AWS_DEFAULT_REGION, and SNS_QUEUE with your desired values.


  • Add proper setup and installation instructions (or a script to do it)
  • Add better tests
  • Add timezone handling (using a geolocation time zone API?)
  • Make the Visit:Exit event dropping configurable
  • Use a reverse geocoding service to get the address for form data events



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