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Theme Check with Exclusions

This is a forked and slightly modified copy of the Theme Check plugin by Samuel Wood. It adds the ability to exclude directories from your theme that you do not want checked (some common files and directories are excluded by default).

Note that you probably don't want to use this functionality when you're getting ready to submit the theme to the WordPress theme repo (because you really shouldn't have these files and directories there!). But it's great for development, when you likely need them!

See the original plugin's readme.txt here.


This plugin is not in the WordPress plugin repository. Because that would be confusing!

Instead, install it directly to your site.

With wp-cli:

wp plugin install --activate


  • Download this ZIP file
  • Extract it into your wp-content/plugins directory
  • Rename the plugin directory - if you like - to remove the -master from it (but don't set it just to theme-check, unless you want updates from the WordPress plugin repo to override it with the original plugin)
  • Activate the plugin on your Plugins page in the WordPress admin


To use the plugin, just head to Appearance -> Theme Check in your WordPress admin. It's in the same place as the original plugin.

This plugin, however, automatically excludes some common files and directories that you might have sitting around during development.

You can modify these exclusions if you wish, with a filter in your theme:

add_filter( 'tm_theme_check_exclusions', function( $exclusions ) {

  // Add a directory.
  $exclusions[] = 'some-directory/';

  // Remove a directory.
  unset( $exclusions[ array_keys( $exclusions, 'node_modules/' )[0] ] );

  return $exclusions;


All files/folders provided are considered relative to the theme root, whether or not you include a leading slash.




The original Theme Check plugin, but modified to include an exclusions feature.





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