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Code for my web app where you can play heads-up limit poker against an AI
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You can play the game at This is a heads-up Texas Hold'em poker game designed to play 'game theory optimal' poker. When a game is playing a game theory optimal strategy, this means that any deviation in such a strategy would lead to a worse outcome given a long enough time-period.

Android App

In addition to the website above, an Android app is in development for which the main java code will be updated and stored in the directory Android-App

This directory contains an html file PokerAnywhere which when run on any modern web browser will have an artificial intelligence play heads-up limit hold'em poker against itself. The purpose of the ai playing itself is that by tweaking the strategy one can potentially find a strategy that is game theory optimal and in essence solving limit hold'em. While this would be impossible to prove analytically it could be tested empirically.

How to Change Strategy

  • To change the strategy of the player (cards closest to bottom of the screen) you will need to alter two functions.

  • The first function is generalPlayerProbs, which initializes the probability of folding/calling/raising based on hand ranking.

  • The other function to change is playerProbAdjustment, which changes the strategy based on the action of the hand.

###Variable Definitions:

  • button: 0 is player and 1 is comp

  • playerPerc[i]: is the percentile of the current player hand based on how it is ranked against every single other possible 2 card hand

  • playerProbs[i, j]: This array contains two number 0 to 1 and determines the action of the player. If the random number is less than i, the player will check/fold. If the random number is between i and j, the player will call and if the random number is greater than j the player will raise. For example [.2, .9] would mean the player would check/fold 20% of the time, call 70% of the time and raise 10%.

  • bluff[i]: i = 0 is for the player and the bluff is either 0 or 1 indicating whether or not to bluff

  • numCompRaises[i]: i is the round number (0 tot 3) and numCompRaises is the number of raises during that round (max of 2)

  • roundNum: indicates which round it is (0 to 3)

  • betRound: indicates which betting round it is for each round(flop, turn, etc...) and ranges from 0 to 4

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