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mustache-javascriptmvc brings the power of the Mustache templating language and its superset handlebars.js to CanJS and JavaScriptMVC.

Checkout the official Handlebars docs site at for syntax.


NOTE: steal is required to use this plugin with CanJS.

./steal/js steal/getjs mustache

Alternatively, you can grab the code from the Github repository:

git clone git:// mustache

Configure it to load for all .mustache files in your stealconfig.js:

    map: {
        "*": {
            'jquery/jquery.js' : "jquery",
            "can/util/util.js": "can/util/jquery/jquery.js"
    paths: {
        "jquery": "can/util/jquery/jquery.1.8.1.js"
    ext: {
        js: "js",
        css: "css",
        less: "steal/less/less.js",
        coffee: "steal/coffee/coffee.js",
        mustache: "mustache/mustache.js"

Create some .mustache files and use them normally:

steal("//views/template.mustache",function(template) {
    $("#elem").html(template({ variable: "Value" }))

Using "hookupModel" and "hookupView":

<script type="text/mustache" id="subView">
    <div {{{hookupModel}}}></div>

<script type="text/mustache" id="mainView">
    {{#each this}}
        {{{hookupView "subView" this}}}

Passing extra helpers to a view:

steal("//views/template.mustache",function(template) {
    $("#elem").html(template({ variable: "Value" },{
        helpers: { plus: function(x,y) { return x + y; } }
<p>{{x}} + {{y}} = {{plus x y}}</p>

Using partials:

steal("//views/template.mustache","//views/subView.mustache",function(template,subView) {
    $("#elem").html(template({ variable: "Value" },{
        partials: { subView: subView }


<div {{{hookupModel}}}></div>


{{#each this}}
    {{{> subView}}}
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