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TDS Foreign data wrapper

  • Author: Geoff Montee
  • Name: tds_fdw
  • File: tds_fdw/

Installing on CentOS/RHEL

This document will show how to install tds_fdw on CentOS 6 and 7. RHEL distributions should be similar.

Install PostgreSQL

If you need to install PostgreSQL, do so by following the yum installation directions. For example, to install PostgreSQL 9.5 on CentOS 7:

sudo rpm -ivh pgdg-centos95-9.5-2.noarch.rpm
sudo yum install postgresql95 postgresql95-server postgresql95-libs postgresql95-devel

Install EPEL

In CentOS, you need the EPEL repository installed to install FreeTDS.

sudo yum install epel-release

Install FreeTDS

The TDS foreign data wrapper requires a library that implements the DB-Library interface, such as FreeTDS.

sudo yum install freetds freetds-devel

Option A: Yum (released versions)

The project maintains a yum repository for CentOS6 and CentOS7 at

From this repository you can install the packages for released versions (starting with 2.0.0-apha.3)

Simply add the repository to your system with the following command, as root

curl -o /etc/yum.repos.d/tds_fdw.repo

And then install the package, for example for PostgreSQL 9.5:

yum install postgresql-95-tds_fdw

As both the metadata for the repository and the packages are signed with GPG, you will need to accept the GPG public key.

The details for the GPG public key, in case you want to doublecheck, are:

Key        : 0x9E416BBF
Fingerprint: 9cf6 0f27 53c5 4d64 01f0 66a5 41c3 07f4 9e41 6bbf

Option B: Compile tds_fdw

CentOS7 and PostgreSQL >= 11

When using the official PostgreSQL packages from, JIT with bitcode is enabled by default and will require llvm5 and clang from LLVM7 installed at /opt/rh/llvm-toolset-7/root/usr/bin/clang to be able to compile.

You have LLVM5 at the standard CentOS7 repositories, but not LLVM7, so you will need install the CentOS Software collections.

You can easily do it with the following commands:

sudo yum install centos-release-scl
sudo yum install llvm-toolset-7-clang llvm5.0

Build from release package

If you'd like to use one of the release packages, you can download and install them via something like the following:

export TDS_FDW_VERSION="1.0.7"
wget${TDS_FDW_VERSION}.tar.gz -O tds_fdw-${TDS_FDW_VERSION}.tar.gz
tar -xvzf tds_fdw-${TDS_FDW_VERSION}.tar.gz
cd tds_fdw-${TDS_FDW_VERSION}
PATH=/usr/pgsql-9.5/bin:$PATH make USE_PGXS=1
sudo PATH=/usr/pgsql-9.5/bin:$PATH make USE_PGXS=1 install

Build from repository

If you would rather use the current development version, you can clone and build the git repository via something like the following:

git clone
cd tds_fdw
PATH=/usr/pgsql-9.5/bin:$PATH make USE_PGXS=1
sudo PATH=/usr/pgsql-9.5/bin:$PATH make USE_PGXS=1 install

Final steps

Start server

If this is a fresh installation, then initialize the data directory and start the server:

sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql-9.5 initdb
sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql-9.5 start

Install extension

/usr/pgsql-9.5/bin/psql -U postgres
postgres=# CREATE EXTENSION tds_fdw;
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