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This package allows you to search for products on Amazon and extract some useful information (ratings, number of comments).

I wrote a French blog post about it here


  • Python 3
  • pip3


pip3 install -U amazonscraper

Command line tool

After the package installation, you can use the command in the terminal.

After passing a search request to the command (and an optional maximum number of products), it will return the results as csv : --keywords="Python programming" --maxproductnb=2
Product title,Rating,Number of customer reviews,Product URL,Image URL,ASIN
"Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming",4.5,370,,,1593276036
"A Smarter Way to Learn Python: Learn it faster. Remember it longer.",4.7,384,,,B077Z55G3

You can also pass a search url (if you added complex filters for example), and save it to a file : --url="" > output.csv

You can then open it with your favorite spreadsheet editor (and play with the filters) :

snapshot amazon2csv

More info about the command in the help : --help

Using the amazonscraper Python package

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import amazonscraper

results ="Python programming", max_product_nb=2)

for result in results:
    print("  - ASIN : {}".format(result.asin))
    print("  - {} out of 5 stars, {} customer reviews".format(result.rating, result.review_nb))
    print("  - {}".format(result.url))
    print("  - Image : {}".format(result.img))

print("Number of results : %d" % (len(results)))

Which will output :

Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming
  - ASIN : 1593276036
  - 4.5 out of 5 stars, 370 customer reviews
  - Image :

A Smarter Way to Learn Python: Learn it faster. Remember it longer.
  - ASIN : B077Z55G3B
  - 4.7 out of 5 stars, 384 customer reviews
  - Image :

Number of results : 2

Attributes of the Product object

Attribute name Description
title Product title
rating Rating of the products (number between 0 and 5, False if missing)
review_nb Number of customer reviews (False if missing)
url Product URL
img Image URL
asin Product ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)


You can use the amazon2csv tool with the Docker image

You may execute :

docker run -it --rm thibdct/amazon2csv --keywords="Python programming" --maxproductnb=2

🤘 The easy way 🤘

I also built a bash wrapper to execute the Docker container easily.

Install it with :

curl -s \
> /usr/local/bin/amazon2csv && chmod +x /usr/local/bin/amazon2csv

You may replace /usr/local/bin with another folder that is in your $PATH

Check that it works :

On the first execution, the script will download the Docker image, so please be patient

amazon2csv --help
amazon2csv --keywords="Python programming" --maxproductnb=2

You can upgrade the app with :

amazon2csv --upgrade

and even uninstall with :

amazon2csv --uninstall


  • If no product was found with the CSS selectors, it may be a new Amazon page style => change user agent and get the new page. Loop on all the user agents and check all the CSS selectors again
  • Find a way to get the products without css selectors


Non-official client to get some info about products sold on Amazon







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