Cookiecutter template for an Alexa skill in Python.
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Cookiecutter Alexa-skill Python

Cookiecutter template for an Alexa skill in Python.


  • Cookiecutter : pip install -U cookiecutter


  • Create a repo on Github with a desired [REPOSITORY] name (for example : alexa-skill-my-new-skill)
  • Fill the short description on Github and copy it for the following steps
  • Execute in the terminal git clone[REPOSITORY].git
  • Execute the cookiecutter with cookiecutter -f (-f is to overwrite the contents of the output directory if it already exists)
  • Update
  • Create an icon for your skill and save it to icons folder
  • Create a virtual environment to get the needed packages : virtualenv venv; source venv/bin/activate; pip install ask-sdk
  • When everything is in place, add the files to git, commit it and push it : git add .; git commit -am "First commit"; git push
  • Add topics (keywords) related to the project on Github (finding your project will be easier)
  • Go to Alexa development console to create the new skill
  • You may extract the content of the interaction schema with the JSON Editor button, and save it to speech_assets/interactionSchema.json
  • Go to AWS Lambda console to create the new function, and upload the zip produced with