A command line tool for managing Linux capability bounding set
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This is a simple command line utility for managing Linux capability bounding
set.  There used to be a procfs file /proc/sys/kernel/cap-bound exactly for
that purpose but in newer kernels the global setting has been replaced by a
per-process, inheritable bounding set.  I couldn't find a convenient userspace
tool for running a program with restricted set so I wrote one.

Building & Installing

When installing from the git repo, you should start with generating the
configuration script using Autoconf and Automake:

$ aclocal
$ autoheader
$ automake --foreign --add-missing
$ autoconf

Then configure, build, and install using:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install


capbound [OPTION] COMMAND [ARG...]
Run COMMAND with different capability bounding set.  When not specified, CAPS

  -c, --capabilities=CAPS  drop only capabilities CAPS
  -h, --help               display this help and exit
  -v, --version            output version information and exit