Lita plugin to make announcements across multiple channels.
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Quick and easy way to share content with multiple channels.


Add lita-announce to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-announce"


@lita announce to <channels> <content>
@lita announce to <groups> <content>
@lita announce list-groups
@lita announce add-group <name> <channels>
@lita announce mod-group <name> <channels>
@lita announce del-group <name>

Managing Groups


@lita announce list-groups
Group1: #channel1, #channel2, #channel3
Group2: #channel1, #channel4


Each group must have a unique name that contains only letters, numbers, and underscores.

@lita announce add-group devs foo-dev,bar-dev,baz-dev


Modify the list of channels in a group. Must provide the full list.

@lita announce mod-group devs foo-dev,bar-dev,baz-dev,super-dev


Delete a group.

@lita announce del-group devs

Making Announcements

Send a message to multiple channels

@lita announce to general,random Hey everyone! All hands is starting in five minutes! Join us in #all-hands-meeting. :smile:

Share a message with a pre-configured group of channels

@lita announce add-group devs foo-dev,bar-dev,baz-dev

@lita announce to group:devs Don't forget to turn in your TPS reports!

Share a link with several pre-configured groups of channels

@lita announce add-group devs foo-dev,bar-dev,baz-dev
@lita announce add-group foo-announcements foo-dev,foo-announce,foo-discuss

@lita announce to group:foo-announcements,group:devs Hey everyone! Thanks for your combined effort to get foo out the door!

And don't worry! Messages will only get send to channels once, even if they are part of multiple groups!

Share a link with a combination of groups and channels

@lita announce add-group devs foo-dev,bar-dev,baz-dev

@lita announce to group:devs,general Hey everyone! Make sure that you get your TPS reports in on time this week.