Demonstrates use of the multi command in Zookeeper
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This program demonstrates several aspects of the new multi operation in Zookeeper.

First, it shows how updates to multiple files can be coordinated to maintain referential
integrity between the files.  The mechanism used to demonstrate this is a graph on which
a randomized averaging operation is done.

Secondly, it shows how the operations exposed by the multi interface can be used to hide
information more effectively by letting data structures return database operations rather
than exposing serialization primitives.  The caller to gets these operations returned to
it can arrange the operations into transactions as desired while the data structure that
creates the operation is able to handle serialization and version control.

If you have any questions, please send me email at

To run this demo use this command:

    mvn test

You will need to have maven 2 or 3 installed and will need Java 1.6.  Also, you will need
a patched Zookeeper that includes ZOOKEEPER-965.