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Travis Scanner


cd script
npm install
npm run-script build


Download jobs

Download all the Travis-CI jobs into DEST folder (see script/collect.js). The JSON files are called X-Y.json, eg 480037011-480037260.json. This means that the file contains all jobs between 480037011 and 480037260. This is way more performant that saving one job per file.

npm run-script collect

TravisCI real-time

User interface that monitors the jobs that are currently running at Travis-CI

npm run-script server
open http://localhost:9080

Parse Travis-CI log

const log_parser = require("./parser/parser-init").parser;
job = {id: '480040000'}
log_parser(job, (tests, errors) => {
    job.tests = tests;
    job.errors = errors;
    let count = 0;
    let nbFailure = 0;
    let nbError = 0;
    let nbSkipped = 0;
    let time = 0.0;
    for (let test of tests) {
        count += test.nbTest;
        nbFailure += test.nbFailure;
        nbError += test.nbError;
        nbSkipped += test.nbSkipped;
        time += test.time;
    console.log(count, nbFailure, nbError, nbSkipped, time, errors.length)
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