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Bingo Sheet for several players
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Bingo sheet entirely rendered using JavaScript, with the following goals:

  • Ability to open and use it locally in your browser, without a webserver.
  • Change the state for each player using the mouse and shortcuts (no drawing on an image).
  • Adjust number of player/playernames and goals via config file.
  • Each card has the state for each player at the same relative position, so if you can't tell the colors apart that well you can still tell it apart from that.


  • Share your current state with others (requires webserver with PHP).

Check out a Live Example.

Getting started


  • bingosheet.html: The actual sheet you open in your browser (you can rename this).
  • config.js: Change basic settings here (enter goals, players and more).
  • bingo_save_state.php: The PHP file that writes the state into a file so others viewing the same sheet can download it (only required if you have a webserver and want to share the state).
  • assets/jquery-*.js: jQuery library providing some functions used.
  • assets/main.js: The main behind-the-scenes logic for building the bingo sheet (you normally shouldn't need to change this, but feel free to tinker with it if you know what you're doing).
  • assets/style.css: The style for the sheet, you can change this if you know CSS and need to adjust the style (some styles are generated dynamically in addition to this).
  • assets/util.js: Some general utility functions.
  • Some image files

Basic Usage

  • Put all files in a folder.
  • Edit the config.js with the settings, goals/description, the players and colors (the file contains comments and example data that should make clear how it works).
  • Open the bingosheet.html in your browser.


  • The Bingo state (which goal has which marker for which player) is saved to HTML5 local storage every few seconds so reloading the page should restore the state (although closing the Browser doesn't retain the data in all Browsers if you use the file:// protocol instead of having it on a webserver).

Sharing State

If you want others to see the same state as you edit (which player finished which goal etc.), you have to put the sheet on a webserver. Since JavaScript runs locally and can't save a file on the webserver that others can then download, this needs a serverside component in form of the PHP script. The bingosheet sends a POST request to the PHP script with the current state, which then saves it to a file (if the correct edit key is provided of course).

  • Put all files on a webserver.
  • Edit the bingo_save_state.php:
    • Change the edit_key variable to a secure key (this is the password for saving the data).
    • Optional: Change the name of the file to save to.
  • Edit the config.js:
    • For the sheet to edit with: Make sure the editUrl option points to the PHP file (if this is empty the save form won't even show up on the sheet).
    • For the sheet to view with: Make sure the updateUrl option points to the correct file.
  • Open the bingosheet in edit mode by appending the appropriate parameter to it: ..bingosheet.html#mode=editserver (if you don't do this the save form won't show up).
  • Then, as the person to edit, enter the edit key you edited into the PHP file into the textfield and click on Set edit key, which should give you a response as to whether the key is correct.
    • If the key was correct, you can then manually or automatically save the state into the file via the PHP file and others having the sheet open can automatically load the state from it (local changes are overwritten when updated from the server).
  • Make sure only one person is saving the state to the server at the time, because the state for the whole sheet is always completely overwritten, so it doesn't make much sense to fight over whose state actually appears.


You can append several parameters to the bingo sheet when opening it in your browser to change some settings. All parameters have to be specified as hash parameters because they are designed to be accessed from JavaScript, for example: bingosheet.html#mode=view&autoupdate=0.

  • mode=<mode>: The mode of the sheet, which sets some basic settings. The default mode for the sheet (what it should be without specifiying a parameter) can be changed in the config.js.
    • minimal: Only the table, with auto-update, local editing disabled.
    • view: Table and update-controls, auto-update by default, local editing disabled.
    • default: Like view, but you can edit the table locally, auto-update off by default.
    • editserver: Like default, but includes the form to enter the edit key to enable server write access.
  • autoupdate=1: Force auto loading the state from the server to on (1) or off (0).
  • playersinfo=0: Show (1) or hide (0) the player info (list of players below the sheet).

When you edit a parameter in your browser address bar while already having the page loaded you may have to reload the page (F5) for them to take effect.

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