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<html xmlns=""
<!-- <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//XML-DEV//DTD XHTML RDDL 1.0//EN" "">--><!-- Note: DOCTYPE is commented out in the RDDL example RDDL itself; perhaps otherwise some html clients cause problems. -->
<title>Access to Biological Collections Data (ABCD) Standard 2.06</title>
<style type="text/css">
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div.toc ul {list-style: none }
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list-style: none;
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<h1>Access to Biological Collections Data (ABCD) Standard 2.06</h1>
<div class="head">
<a href="">This version on-line</a> (2007-06-13)<br />
<a href="">Latest Version</a>
<div id="overview">
<p>This is ABCD version 2.06. For more information on ABCD in general please see the <a href="">general ABCD resource directory</a>. Several minor updates have been done to ABCD2.06, the ratified TDWG standard, that are backwards compatible and do not require a change in the namespace. For more details see <a href="">Updates to ABCD2.06</a>.
<p>Note: While this document is human-readable, RDDL-aware processors may use it to automatically retrieve resources such as different schema versions for validating documents. See <a href=""></a> for further information.</p>
<div id="resources" class="resource">
<ul class="compact">
<rddl:resource xlink:type="simple" id="home"
xlink:title="ABCD Home Page"
<li><a href="">ABCD Home Page</a></li>
<rddl:resource xlink:type="simple" id="documentation"
xlink:title="ABCD v2 Documentation Wiki"
<li><a href="">ABCD v2 Documentation Wiki</a></li>
<rddl:resource xlink:type="simple" id="primer"
xlink:title="ABCD Primer"
<li><a href="">ABCD Primer</a></li>
<rddl:resource xlink:type="simple" id="xsd"
xlink:title="W3C XML Schema for document validation (normative)"
<li><a href="">ABCD2.06: XML Schema for validation (normative)</a>
<ul class="compact">
<li>Note 1: Although RDDL-aware processors may automatically detect a schema location, most processors require an explicit location.
ABCD instance documents intended for validation should therefore contain the following attributes in the "Datasets" root element: <br />
<code>xmlns:xsi="" <br />
<rddl:resource xlink:type="simple" id="zip"
xlink:title="W3C XML Schema, zipped for download"
<li><a href="">ABCD2.06: Zipped archive with XML Schema plus accessory documentations files for downloading</a></li>
<p>See also the <a href="">Updates to ABCD2.06</a> since its ratification that are backwards compatible and share the same namespace</p>
<div id="footer">
<p>Copyright (c) TDWG, June 2007</p>

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