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Biodiversity Informatics 101 Workshop at Biodiversity Next

More and more biodiversity data are coming online everyday and give all of us new opportunities to engage whether it is through data mobilization, data use in research and education, software design, policy development, etc. Exciting projects, programs, and new methods too, expand on what we can and will be able to do with these data. But, getting started and keeping up with trends and activities in biodiversity informatics can be overwhelming. Biodiversity Informatics 101 offers a fun, carefully curated event to help participants get started or expand and share their current experience with others. Topics covered result from a strategic review across the bio/geodiversity community. Focus will be on subjects critical to understanding of material to be presented at biodiversity_next, and crucial to an individual’s needs for interacting with biodiversity data and the relevant communities - no matter one’s role. Course content delivery will include, lecture, discussion, and hands-on sections. Expect a diverse audience designed to help us all share insights into the needs of our broader network and the expertise and opportunities available.

Participants By Country|1533x947,20%

The Conference Theme is Building a global infrastructure for biodiversity data. Together. Organizers Holly Little, Laura Russell, Deborah Paul, and Erica Krimmel welcome this unique opportunity to bring representatives from 30 countries together. Workshops like this are rare and give us all a chance to expand our capabilities to act local and global. We give thanks to each of our presenters and to all our participants for joining us as we embrace the concept of better data > better science > better policies.


When: Monday 21 October 2019
Where: Scheltema
Time: 9:00 - 17:00

Important Links

Biodiv 101 Group Notes
Presentations and Resources Folder
List of Participants google sheet version
List of Participants pdf version
Further Biodiv Informatics 101 Conversations
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Schedule for Biodiversity Informatics 101 Workshop

Biodiversity_Next, Leiden, 2019-10-21

Time Length Topic Title Presenter w/ ORCID
09:00 10 min Welcome Welcome to Biodiversity Informatics 101: Preparing for Biodiversity Next and Beyond Deb Paul, Holly Little
09:10 20 min Introduction to Biodiversity Informatics Biodiversity Informatics 101: Setting the Stage James Macklin
09:30 10 min DATA: Overview Data Overview (notes) Holly Little
09:40 10 min DATA: Standards Data standards: What are they, what can they do for me, and where do they come from? Mareike Petersen, Falko Glöckler
09:50 10 min DATA: Georeferencing Georeferencing and Data Quality Fhatani Ranwashe
10:00 5 min DATA: Data Curation Research Data Management Falko Glöckler
10:05 5 min DATA: Essential Biodiversity Variables Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) Kate Thibault, Rob Guralnick
10:10 5 min DATA: Digitization/Media Digitisation and Imaging Laurence Livermore, Matt Woodburn
10:15 15 min DATA: Discussion notes
10:30 30 min 30 MINUTE BREAK
11:00 10 min DATA: Aggregators Data Aggregators: A Data Provider's Perspective Talia Karim
11:10 10 min DATA: Policies for Sharing Policies for Data Sharing Brenda Daly
11:20 10 min DATA: All Things Wiki A Wiki World Matthias Dillen
11:30 10 min DATA: 2-minute Stand-ups notes
Rwanda: Rwanda Biomedical Center
Prosper Karame
11:40 5 min TOOLS: Overview Your Contributions Deb Paul
11:45 45 min TOOLS: Demo Fair
Data Help Desk Deb Paul
GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit Rukaya Johaadien
TaxonWorks Matt Yoder
OpenRefine Holly Little
Exploring Data with APIs Amanda Devine
Exploring Data in Aggregators via Portals Talia Karim
Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Lab (ecocloud) Sarah Richmond
Georeferencing Tools & Techniques Fhatani Ranwashe, Erica Krimmel
Biodiversity Data Library (BHL) David Iggulden
12:30 60 min 60 MINUTE LUNCH
13:30 10 min COMMUNITY: Overview Community Introduction Henry Engledow
13:40 10 min COMMUNITY: Global South Biodiversity Data in Uruguay: A Long Way to Go Florencia Grattarola
13:50 10 min COMMUNITY: ecoEd ecoEd: Training and engagement for biodiversity informatics infrastructures in Australia Chantal Huijbers
14:00 5 min COMMUNITY: GBIF BID BIDImpact in Raising Capacity of Research Institutions in Cameroon Sabastian Wirsiy Yunkavi, Kate Igenloff
14:05 5 min COMMUNITY: Observation Networks, NEON NEON: Data, samples, & infrastructure to understand changing ecosystems Christine Laney, Kate Thibault
14:10 5 min COMMUNITY: Citizen Science Citizen Science: Public participation in Biodiversity Monitoring Sofie Meeus
14:15 5 min COMMUNITY: BHL Free & Open Access to Biodiversity Literature: Update on the Biodiversity Heritage Library David Iggulden
14:20 10 min COMMUNITY: 2-minute Stand-ups notes
Ease of Using Wiki and Wikipedia
Laurence Livermore
14:30 5 min COMMUNITY: Community Building and Unconferences Deb Paul
14:35 25 min COMMUNITY: Unconference notes
15:00 30 min 30 MINUTE BREAK
15:30 10 min CHALLENGES & INNOVATIONS: Overview Along the path to the holy grail(s) of biodiversity informatics Matt Yoder
15:40 10 min CHALLENGES & INNOVATIONS: Machine Learning and Automation Machine Learning & Automation Laurence Livermore, Matt Woodburn
15:50 10 min CHALLENGES & INNOVATIONS: An Engineer's Point of View Climbing Out of The Box: different thinking with examples Mark Hereld
16:00 10 min CHALLENGES & INNOVATIONS: Semantic Technologies 3 Steps to Using Semantic Web Technologies Takeru Nakazato
16:10 10 min CHALLENGES & INNOVATIONS: 2-minute Stand-ups notes
Working with OBIS/GBIF/iNat/BHL data
Claude Nozéres
16:20 10 min CHALLENGES & INNOVATIONS: Discussion notes
16:30 10 min Final Thoughts Collaboration - How does an entomologist get involved in biodiversity informatics? Gail Kampmeier
16:40 20 min Wrap-up (presentation) Deb Paul, Holly Little

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