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Plant Names in Botanical Databases

  • Download link: Download
  • Status: TDWG prior standard
  • Category: Best current practice
  • Date submitted: 2006-11-24
  • Date published: 1995-10-01
  • Last modified: 2007-05-09


This standard defines the taxonomic and nomenclatural concepts associated with the names of plants. It describes the component parts, their functions and their interrelations of significance in structuring a database. The appendices provide an outline of a preliminary data dictionary illustrating possible elements and their properties. It does not provide a data model or a data format. A data model will be considered at a later date by the TDWG Sub-group considering this standard. Another TDWG Sub-group is preparing XDF, an EXchange Data Format (Allkin & White,1989; White & Allkin, 1992), which provides a language for defining a range of exchange formats for use between taxonomic databases.

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