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TDWG Standards Documentation Standard

Title: Standards Documentation Standard

IRI to be cited and linked:

Publisher: Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG).

Status: Current Standard

Ratified: 2017-04-25

Abstract: The TDWG Standards Documentation Standard consists of a single document: the Standards Documentation Specification. That document defines how TDWG standards are to be presented. It provides details about the hierarchical structure of standards and versioning of standards components. It specifies how the properties of standards and their components are to be described in human-readable and machine-readable terms.

Preferred citation: Vocabulary Maintenance Specification Task Group. 2017. Standards Documentation Standard. Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG)

Parts of the standard

The TDWG Standards Documentation Standard is described by a single document, the Standards Documentation Specification.

It is viewable in human-readable form at:

It is available in Markdown format at:

Its machine-readable metadata are available in RDF/Turtle serialization at:

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