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On this Wiki, the ABCDIntroduction and ABCDSchemaGroups themes were edited by Neil Thomson, partly based on texts on the CODATA ABCD pages by Walter Berendsohn. ABCDConceps were entered by Yael Rubel, based on comments in the schema, and partly edited by Walter Berendsohn. The section on how to DesignAbcdExtensions was contributed by Markus Döring.
Written comments on previous versions and drafts of the ABCD schema itself have been received from: Adrian Rissone, London, UK; Adriana Alercia, Rome, Italy; Agnes Kirchhoff, Berlin, Germany; Aimee Stewart, Lawrence, USA; Alexander Kroupa, Bayreuth, Germany; Amy Rossman, Beltsville, USA; André Lévesque, Canada; Andrea Hahn, Berlin, Germany; Anna Weitzmann, Washington, USA; Anthony Isenor, Canada; Anton Güntsch, Berlin, Germany; Armando Urquiola Cabrera, La Havana, Cuba; Arthur Chapman, Australia; Barry Conn, Sydney, Australia; Ben Richardson, Australia; Charles Copp, Clevedon, UK; Charles Hussey, London, UK; Chuck Miller, St. Louis, USA; Craig Stewart, Hull, Canada; Dag Terje Endresen, Alnarp, Sweden; Dave Watts, Australia; David Smith, London, UK; Denis Lepage, Port Rowan, Canada; Derek Munro, Canada; Donald Hobern, Copenhagen, Denmark; Dorothea Gleim, Braunschweig, Germany; Edward Vanden Berghe, Ostend, Belgium; Elisabeth Kolster, New Zealand; Elizabeth Watson, Stockholm, Sweden; Fedor Steeman, Copenhagen, Denmark; Greg Whitbread, Canberra, Australia; Gregor Hagedorn, Berlin, Germany; Hannu Saarenmaa, Copenhagen, Denmark; Heike Mewis, Berlin, Germany; Helmut Knüpffer, Gatersleben, Germany; Herman Goethals, Brussels, Belgium; Hideaki Sugawara, Shizuoka, Japan; Javier de la Torre, Berlin, Germany; Jens Klump,
Potsdam, Germany; Jessie Kennedy, Edinburgh, UK; Jim Croft, Canberra, Australia; Jörg Holetschek, Berlin, Germany; Jörn Vorwald, Gatersleben, Germany; John Wieczorek, Berkeley, USA; Karen I. Stocks, San Diego, USA; Karolina Maneva-Jakimoska, Florida, USA; Katharina Schleidt, Vienna, Austria; Karl Heinz Lampe, Bonn, Germany; Lois Blaine, USA; Lawrence Way, UK; Lutz Hecht, Berlin, Germany; Lutz Suhrbier, Berlin, Germany; Mark Jackson, Kew, UK; Markus Döring, Berlin, Germany; Michael Malicky, Vienna, Austria; Michael Wiedemann, Ulm, Germany; Mickaël Graf, Stockholm, Sweden; Milko Skofic, Rome, Italy; Nicolas Bailly, Paris, France; Norbert Hirneisen, Bonn, Germany; Nozomi "James" Ytow, Tsukuba, Japan; Paolo Romano, Genova, Italy; Patricia Mergen, Tervuren, Belgium (reporting for the Belgium Coordinated Collection of Microorganisms); Paula Huddleston, USA; Pavel Benda, Brno, Czech Republic; Peter Davyndt, Gent, Belgium; Peter Neish, Melbourne, Australia; Peter Strobl, Salzburg, Austria; Philip Gleeson, Hurstville, Australia; Rainer Fröse, Kiel, Germany; Ralf-Thomas Schmitt, Berlin, Germany; Reed S. Beaman, USA; Reto Nyffeler, Zurich, Switzerland; Ricardo Scacetti-Pereira, Campinas, Brasil; Robert A. Morris, Boston, USA; Robert Tolksdorf, Berlin, Germany; Sabine Roscher, Bonn, Germany; Stan Blum, San Francisco, USA; Steve Ginzbarg, Tuscaloosa, USA; Willem Renema, Leiden, The Netherlands; Wolfgang Kiessling, Berlin, Germany; Wolfgang Lipp, Berlin, Germany; Wouter Addink, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Yde de Jong, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
In addition, we acknowledge the contribution of participants in several workshops, of the members of the BioCASE Technical Committee, and the contributions of the other partipants in the Singapore Editorial Workshop in 2004 (Donald Hobern, Greg Whitbread, Jim Croft, Neil Thomson, and Stan Blum. Special thanks goes to Gregor Hagedorn for numerous contributions to the schema, especially on the metadata level and Markus Döring for facilitating on-line publication (Schema Viewer, Wiki).
Financial support by the EU allowed Charles Copp to provide the first draft DTD for ABCD, and the BGBM supported editing of individual concepts on the ABCD Wiki executed by Yael Rubel. CODATA and GBIF directly supported the group by providing travel funding.