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---+!! ABCD - Access to Biological Collection Data
---+++ Welcome to ABCD!
This Wiki was created for documenting the [[][ABCD schema, version2]] which is hosted at TDWG and the CODATA Task Group site. Please note that this is work in progress for a planned publication, this Wiki is therefore not open for public editing. Questions and additions should be addressed to the Editor at w.berendsohn [at]
---+++ ABCD Documentation
* AbcdIntroduction
* AbcdPrimer
* AbcdSchemaGroups
* AbcdConcepts, list of the nearly 1200 concepts in ABCD 2.06 with individual documentation pages for each of them (note that updates to v.2.06b are not yet included)
* [[][AbcdAndDwC]], lists the concepts used by *Darwin Core and its extensions (also OBIS)* and maps them to ABCD 2.06b
* AbcdAcknowledgements
* AbcdReferencesCited
---+++ ABCD Extension Schemas
* How to DesignAbcdExtensions
* Extension for Geosciences (EFG):
* Extension for DNA data (ABCDDNA):
* HISPID Extension for herbarium collections:
---+++ Editorial process
* GeneralConsiderations
* ItemDescriptions
* New Version 2.06d (forthcoming)
* SchemaChangesVersion206 to 2.06b and 2.06c (2.06a to c also documented in cvs)
* SchemaChanges from version 2.00 to 2.06
* FurtherSteps
* DiscussionItems
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