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This web-based collaboration area (wiki) is used for discussions of the Annotations Interest Group of the [[][Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG)]].
Formatting and tags for the TGWG wiki can be found at Main.ThreeEasySteps. This wiki is open to anyone interested in the topic, but you must be a registered user to edit pages and add content.
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* AnnotationsInterestGroupCharter
* [[DataExtensionsToAO][Collaboration with W3C-incubated AO]]
* Annotations Interest Group Working Sessions:
* [[AnnotationsIGSessionsAtTDWG2010][Annotations Interest Group Sessions at TDWG2010]]
* Annotations Interest Group Session at TDWG2011 [[][Agenda/Notes]]
* AnnotationOntology
* Other Annotation Initiatives outside TDWG:
* [[][AO Annotation Ontology]]
* [[][Open Annotation Collaboration]]
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* WebTopicList - all topics in alphabetical order
* WebChanges - recent topic changes in this web
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