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%META:TOPICINFO{author="DagEndresen" date="1180711734" format="1.1" version="1.8"}%
---++Element Description: Basis of Record
A descriptive term indicating whether the record represents an object or observation. Examples:<br>
<b>PreservedSpecimen</b>- A physical object representing one or more organisms, part of organism, or artifact of an organism. synonyms: voucher, collection, lot.<br>
<b>FossilSpecimen</b>- A physical object representing one or more fossil organisms, part of fossil organism, or artifact of a fossil organism.<br>
<b>LivingSpecimen</b>- An organism removed from its natural occurrence and now living in captivity or cultivation.<br>
<b>HumanObservation</b>- A report by a known observer that an organism was present at the place and time.<br>
<b>MachineObservation</b>- A report by a monitoring device that an organism was present at the place and time.<br>
<b>StillImage</b>- An photograph, drawing, painting.<br>
<b>MovingImage</b>- A sequence of still images taken at regular intervals and intended to be played back as a moving image; may include sound.<br>
<b>SoundRecording</b>- An audio recording.<br>
<b>OtherSpecimen</b>- Any type of specimen not covered by any of the categories above.<br>
---+++ Comments
Use the space below to make comments about this page. -- Main.StephenLong - 24 Aug 2006
What about seed and other germoplasm collections? Are they <b>PreservedSpecimen</b>, <b>LivingSpecimen</b> or <b>OtherSpecimen</b>? I think these kind of collections deserve a category of its own -- PacoPando - 1 Jun 2007
Germplasm collections of genetic resources conserved in <i>ex situ</i> genebanks would be <b>LivingSpecimens</b>. These "specimen" are usually called <i>accessions</i> inside this thematic community and are of high economic value, but could still be classified adequately as <b>LivingSpecimens</b>...? -- DagEndresen - 01 Jun 2007
As a user I much prefer to be able to tell apart living animals and plants from seeds and other germplasm collections; if multimedia records are separate in three categories, I do not see why germplasm collections cannot be separated. Besides, in previous -simple- versions of DwC this was one of the valid concepts -- PacoPando - 1 Jun 2007