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---+!! Welcome to the Globally Unique Identifiers (GUID) Wiki
Welcome to the *TDWG GUID Wiki*. This is a collaboration area used to discuss the use of *Globally Unique Identifiers* (*GUIDs*) in our community. The [[][first Wiki discussion]] about GUIDs in the lead up to the two TIP sponsored GUID meetings (see below) was hosted on the GBIF site.
---++!! Table of Contents
---++ LSID Home Page
Visit the LSID page for documentation on LSIDs.
---++GUID and LSID Applicability Statements Public Review
* [[GUID and LSID AS Review]] - a page for the collation of submissions for the GUID and LSID Applicability Statement Public Review.
---++ A Definition of Globally Unique Identifiers (for the purposes of this group)
A *globally unique identifier*, or *GUID*, is a system that provides mechanisms to identify and access *data objects* on the Web. The main characteristics of a GUID system are:
* GUID systems have *identifiers*, which are character strings associated with data objects. ** and *doi:10.1000/182* are examples of identifiers.
* An identifier in a GUID system is *persistent*, i.e., it is *permanently* associated with a data object.
* An identifier in a GUID system is *globally unique*, i.e., it identifies a single data object uniquely within the system.
* Identifiers in a GUID system are *actionable*, i.e., the system provides mechanisms for clients to access a data object from its associated identifier. This is equivalent to saying that objects in a GUID system are *locatable*.
* A GUID system also provides mechanisms to describe data objects, i.e., it provides *metadata* about them.
---++ Relevant Documents
* [[LsidHttpProxyUsageRecommendations][LSID HTTP Proxy Usage Recommendations]] - a set of rules to make LSID more interoperable with standard World Wide Web and Semantic Web applications.
---++ GUID Working Groups
Two main working groups have been created during [[GUID1Workshop][GUID-1 Workshop]] (see the [[GUID1Report][report]]) to implement the initial components of the GUID infrastructure and to address outstanding issues:
* InfrastructureWorkingGroup - will address the key issues regarding the deployment of LSID as the GUID technology for biodiversity informatics.
* PrototypingWorkingGroup - will develop prototypes of test cases to test aspects of a GUID infrastructure.
---++ Events
* [[AustralasianBiodiversityFederationLsidPolicy][Meeting to develop an LSID deployment policy for the Australasian Biodiversity Federation]] - April 2-4, 2007 at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra, Austrailia - *This event is past*
* [[GUID1Workshop][GUID-1 Workshop]] - Feb 1-3, 2006 at [[][NESCent]], Durham, NC, USA - *This event is past*
* [[GUID2Workshop][GUID-2 Workshop]] - June 10-12, 2006 at the e-Science Institute (e-SI) in Edinburgh, Scotland - *This event is past*
---++ General Content
* [[Background]] - Information on the TDWG/GBIF GUID initiative
* [[Glossary]] - Definition of terms used by this community
* [[Process]] - How we are organizing the work
* [[HowToParticipate][How to participate]] - Add your comments to the wiki and join our [[][mailing list]]
* [[Main.ThreeEasySteps][How to use this wiki]] - Please read before adding new pages
* People
* ExistingProjects
* OutdatedPages
---++ Other Documents
* [[Technologies][GUID Technologies]] - Candidate technologies under evaluation
* [[GUIDUseCases][Use Cases]]
* [[][GUIDs and LSIDs]] - Powerpoint presentation by David Thau (TDWG meeting 2004)
* [[][Globally Unique Identifiers for Biodiversity Informatics]] - Powerpoint presentation by Donald Hobern
* [[][GBIF GUID Services Strategy]] - outline plan for development of GBIF GUID services from [[][GBIF Data Portal Strategy]]
* ReallyLeanPhpAuthority
---++ Software
* [[LsidSoftwareInventory][Software Inventory]]
* [[CurrentGuidWork][Current work]]
---++ Contact
The TDWG Infrastructure Project Team was:
* Lee Belbin, Australia - Project Manager (
* Roger Hyam, United Kingdom - Technical Architect
* Ricardo Pereira, Brazil - Software Engineer
The GBIF contact is:
* Éamonn Ó Tuama (
---+++++!! Categories