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---+!! Welcome to the Invasive Species Interest Group Wiki
---+++!! Click here for the discussion on HandHeld application development.
Here we include a web-based collaboration area for discussions of %SCHEMANAME%, the proposed [[%ATTACHURL%/IASProfileMaster.xsd][<b>Invasive Alien Species Profile Schema</b>]] of <a href="">GISIN</a>, the Global Invasive Species Network.
It also serves as a comments/suggestions area for the technical documents and TAPIRlite protocol of the GISIN's system to exchange invasive species information on the Web. The GISIN's <a href="" target="blank">Technical Development Web Site</a> is hosted by Colorado State University's Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory and the USGS National Institute of Invasive Species Science. Main documents on the <a href="" target="blank">Technical Development Web Site</a> include:
* a <a href="" target="blank">protocol specification</a>, (the heart of the test implementation),
* an <a href="" target="blank">introduction</a>,
* a <a href="" target="blank">definitions document</a>, and
* a <a href="" target="blank">development page</a>, with a series of background documents in the areas of investigation, design, testing, and maintenance.
Wiki pages for comments on these documents (with links to them) have been posted on this site (see TechnicalDocuments, also listed here below) so you can suggest changes to, and ask questions about, these support documents.
If you are new to wikis, learn how to use it in %MAINWEB%.ThreeEasySteps. Register at the [[][TDWG Registration Page]] if you want to contribute. Want automatic email notifications when a topic in this wiki is modified? Simply edit WebNotify to add your username (i.e. your !WikiName).
---+++ Bulletin (03 Dec '09): [[][GISIN]] has been asked to submit a proposal to [[][GBIF]] for _"Creating Tools for Invasive Species Decision Support at a Global Scale: Distribution Maps and Models of Predicted Potential Distribution"_
* GBIF made the request at the 2009 TDWG Annual Meetings, and the proposal will be finalized by 15 Dec '09.
* As part of the proposal, a Scientific Advisory Group is being formed of members from the broader invasive species science community, whose task will be to review the overall process and to advise on the implementation of the project, ensuring that the deliverables are focused, are based on sound science from the broadest possible sources, and are distributed widely.
* Comments and suggestions from the Advisory Group are being compiled on this Wiki on an AdvisoryGroup page.
---+++ Bulletin: Schema development continues with archive in a Subversion repository
* Schema suitable for transport by TDWG TAPIR continues development in the [[][Subversion repository]]. This obsoletes most of the details of the schema documented on this web site, though perhaps not the conceptual discussion of various elements. If you view via the link to the [[][Subversion repository]], you will always see the latest version checked in. Developers may prefer to use a Subversion client. People who don't know what that means, don't care.
* SvnHtml Somewhat satisfactory representation of the SVN repository as HTML
* IssuesForStLoui0943 Discussion of points in the St. Louis draft
<img src="%GISINLOGO%" border="0" alt="GISIN logo"> %SCHEMANAME% is a draft standard for the exchange of invasive species information and data. Please comment on the Consultants Report or on the
schema itself so that the draft extensions to existing data exchange standards proposed in the %SCHEMANAME% can be evaluated and refined. This is the [[%ATTACHURL%/IASProfileMaster.xsd][<b>current version</b>]] (Not exactly. The running current version is in our [[][subversion repository]]. Around Nov 1 we'll put a version here. -- Main.BobMorris - 21 Oct 2006)
<h3>%WEB% Discussion Topics</h3>
* TechnicalDocuments
* UserScenariosAndUseCases
* AgadirMeeting topics arising from the meeting at Agadir, including schema revision.
* ConsultantsReport
* Top level %SCHEMANAME%SchemaAlphabetical Schema elements for discussion listed alphabetically. Preferred starting point.
* <a href="%SCRIPTURLPATH%/search%SCRIPTSUFFIX%/%INCLUDINGWEB%/?scope=topic&regex=on&search=\.*">Full Table of Contents</a> Watch out: sometimes hard to see context.
* MiscellaneousElements not really referenced. This page should be edited only by developers.
* %WIP% %SCHEMANAME%SchemaConsultantsOrder Schema elements for discussion in order listed by consultants. Under Construction.
* %WIP% %SCHEMANAME%SchemaHiearachical Schema elements for discussion hierarchically. Under Construction.
* [[/twiki/InvasiveSpecies_SchemaAsHtml/IASProfile.html][Schema as HTML]]
* EditingHintsForThisWiki
* ForWikiMaintainers
* SchemaTasksToDo pending improvements in the schema
* %WIP% DefinitionsForNonNativeSpecies (do not bookmark - will likely move)
* GisinRequirements. Discussion of GISIN's TDWG-related requirements
* GisinAndDarwinCore: A comparison between GISIN occurrence concepts and the new DarwinCore terms.
<h3>Notes for WIKI newcomers:</h3>
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---++ <nop>%WEB% Web Utilities
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* [[/twiki/InvasiveSpecies_SchemaAsHtml/][]]: !IASProfileMaster as HTML zipped up
* [[Sandbox.WebHome][Sandbox]]
-- Main.AnnieSimpson - 01 Mar 2008 - updated links to supporting documents on the server.
-- Main.AnnieSimpson - 22 Jun 2009 - added GUIDsLSIDs discussion topic.
-- Main.AnnieSimpson - 03 Dec 2009 - added Bulletin about the GISIN GBIF proposal and Advisory Group
-- Main.AnnieSimpson - 12 May 2010 - added handheld applications link at top and jump page.
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