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*NCD deliverables - 2007*
*NCD Toolkit*
A toolkit has been developed by ETI BioInformatics for use by GBIF National Nodes and others to aid the creation and aggregation of collections descriptions in a standardised format. The toolkit will be a development of the implementation of NCD created by ETI for NLBIF which comprises a database and Web editor.
Deliverables were defined as:
1. A Macintosh and Windows installation executable including interfaces as described below. It will be compliant with latest NCD version and allow multiple languages. It will be based on MySQL (if possible under the then current versions), PHP and include an installation guide and full documentation.
2. Interfaces will be developed for:
i. PHP Web interface for data editing
i. AI harvesting interface, including an RDF response based on a templating language.
i. Extraction of data in NCD schema-compliant XML files, through a REST Webservice
i. Pywrapper NCD configuration
i. Helpdesk with support for Mac and Windows
3. Documentation and Help Desk to lead organisations through the implementation process and provide ongoing support. Note that a User Guide is also in preparation, which will guide those preparing data on the use and purpose of each data field or element.
4. Central database established at the Berlin Botanic Gardens (BGBM) pre-seeded with data currently in the BioCASE NoDIT database for use in testing and to act as a repository for data from organisations that do not wish to host their own.
*Agencies* (Natural History Museum, London)
NCD primarily holds information about collections of objects, but can also be used to describe organisations (collections of collections) and networks (collections of organisations). There are many existing sources of information about biodiversity organisations, but they are all in different formats. NCD could be used to form a directory for organisations using LSIDs based on existing identifiers, such as the CODENS used in Index Herbariorum.
Deliverables were defined as:
1. A file of potential sources of information about biodiversity organisations
1. A Memorandum of Understanding on data usage
1. Initial set of data records, based on the Index Herbariorum dataset, in the Berlin NCD tool kit implementation.
*RDF and Ontology* (Markus Döring, Roger Hyam and Smithsonian Institution)
Several elements within NCD would serve their purpose most effectively by making use of consistent terminology. One source of that terminology is the developing TDWG ontology. It is proposed that Carol Butler (Smithsonian Institution) co-ordinates the creation of records in the ontology that would be of benefit to all TDWG standards, but NCD in particular. An example would be for terms to be used in the <InstitutionClass> element, for which entries such as &#8220;museum&#8221;, &#8220;botanical garden&#8221;, &#8220;seed bank&#8221; etc. would be defined.
Deliverables were defined as:
1. A set of terms and definitions for use as pick-lists for selected NCD elements
1. An LSID vocabulary for organizations and collections in the namespace. The vocabulary will conform to and align with those developed by Roger Hyam (
*Documentation* (Harvard and ETI)
The documentation for NCD needs to be brought up to the requirements for a TDWG standard.
Deliverables were defined as:
1. An NCD Primer
1. An NCD User&#8217;s Guide
1. An NCD Data Creation and Migration Guide.
*2007 Workshop* (Natural History Museum, London with ETI)
The NCD 2007 Workshop was held at ETI in Amsterdam 18th and 19th June 2007.
Deliverables were defined as:
1. Meeting report as per TDWG template
1. Training on use of RDF
1. Review of first drafts of documentation and vocabulary
-- Main.NeilThomson - 26 Jan 2007, updated 6th Aug 2008
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%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD_terms_FINAL_Sept_14.xls" attachment="NCD_terms_FINAL_Sept_14.xls" attr="" comment="Final terminology list as of September 14 2007" date="1190236071" path="C:\Documents and Settings\butlerc\My Documents\CLD\2007\NCD terms FINAL_Sept 14.xls" size="122368" stream="C:\Documents and Settings\butlerc\My Documents\CLD\2007\NCD terms FINAL_Sept 14.xls" user="Main.CarolButler" version="1"}%