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---++ NCD Workshop 2007
This year's NCD Workshop took place on June 18th and 19th at ETI in Amsterdam. We would like to express our thanks to the ETI BioInformatics in the Netherlands for hosting the event and to the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation for most of the funding.
---+++ Agenda overview
Please see the meeting report, which is available at the foot of this page, for the meeting highlights.
*Day 1* brought attendees up-to-date on current developments. As background, an introduction to the TDWG technical architecture was provided by Roger Hyam (TDWG). This presentation is available from the Technical Architecture Group (TAG) wiki at
The creation of the NCD ontology resulting from the move to RDF/OWL was outlined by Markus Döring, whose presentation is available as a PDF file at the foot of this page and additional reading about ontology modelling is available from the EDIT site at
The rest of the day was devoted to reports on the current status of the work described in the NCDListOfDeliverables.
*Day 2* concentrated on developing a stable version of NCD so that work on the NCDToolkit and other deliverables could proceed with confidence.
---+++ Workshop deliverables - see documents at the foot of this page
1. Introduction to RDF/OWL modelling.
2. First draft of NCD RDF schema and vocabulary.
3. First draft list of terms for use with NCD picklists with definitions for use in the TDWG ontology.
4. Draft of the NCD Primer. NCD User Guide to follow.
5. Workshop Report.
The Workshop took place in June - about half-way through the 2007 work period, which started at the beginning of April and finishes in time for the TDWG 2007 conference in September. This allowed the review of progress to date and agreement on subsequent actions.
---+++ Attendees
* Addink, Wouter (ETI, Amsterdam)
* Altenburg, Ruud (ETI, Amsterdam)
* Butler, Carol (Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC)
* Döring, Markus (BGBM, Berlin)
* Holland, Doug (Mobot, St. Louis, MO)
* Hyam, Roger (TDWG, Edinburgh)
* Mathé, Barbara (AMNH, New York, NY)
* Rinaldo, Connie (Harvard, Boston, MA)
* Thomson, Neil (NHM, London)
* Waibel, Günter (OCLC, San Francisco, CA)
-- Main.NeilThomson - 26 Jan 2007
---+++ Workshop Deliverables
| [[%ATTACHURL%/NCD_WReport_to_TDWG.doc][NCD_WReport_to_TDWG.doc]] | *NCD 2006 Workshop report* |
| [[%ATTACHURL%/NCD_2007_Workshop_Report.doc][NCD_2007_Workshop_Report.doc]]: | *NCD 2007 Workshop Report* (Neil Thomson) |
| [[%ATTACHURL%/NCD_ontology.pdf][NCD_ontology.pdf]] | *NCD Ontology presentation* (Markus Döring) |
| [[%ATTACHURL%/NCD-primer-draft.doc][NCD-primer-draft.doc]] | *NCD Primer Draft 1* (Constance Rinaldo) |
| [[%ATTACHURL%/NCD_termsDraft_1.xls][NCD_termsDraft_1.xls]] | *NCD Terms Draft 1* (Carol Butler) |
| [[%ATTACHURL%/OCLC_Crosswalk_Service.ppt][OCLC_Crosswalk_Service.ppt]] | *OCLC Crosswalk Web Service* (Günter Waibel) |
| [[][NCD Resource Directory]] | *Current version of NCD RDF files* |
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD_2007_Workshop_Report.doc" attachment="NCD_2007_Workshop_Report.doc" attr="" comment="NCD 2007 Workshop Report" date="1183632454" path="NCD_2007_Workshop_Report.doc" size="109568" stream="NCD_2007_Workshop_Report.doc" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD_ontology.pdf" attachment="NCD_ontology.pdf" attr="" comment="NCD Ontology presentation (Markus Döring)" date="1183632525" path="NCD ontology.pdf" size="521691" stream="NCD ontology.pdf" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="OCLC_Crosswalk_Service.ppt" attachment="OCLC_Crosswalk_Service.ppt" attr="" comment="OCLC Crosswalk Web Service (Günter Waibel)" date="1183632684" path="OCLC_Crosswalk_Service.ppt" size="1145856" stream="OCLC_Crosswalk_Service.ppt" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD-primer-draft.doc" attachment="NCD-primer-draft.doc" attr="" comment="NCD Primer Draft 1 (Constance Rinaldo)" date="1183632757" path="NCD-primer-draft.doc" size="1096192" stream="NCD-primer-draft.doc" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD_termsDraft_1.xls" attachment="NCD_termsDraft_1.xls" attr="" comment="NCD Terms Draft 1 (Carol Butler)" date="1183632991" path="NCD_termsDraft_1.xls" size="44032" stream="NCD_termsDraft_1.xls" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"}%