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---+!! Welcome to the %WEB% web
Welcome to the home of %WEB%. This web-based collaboration area (wiki) is used for discussions of the %WEB% Subgroup of the [[][Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG)]].
If you are new to wikis, learn how to use it in Main.ThreeEasySteps. This wiki is open to anyone interested in the topic, but you must be a registered user to edit pages and add content.
For more information, please contact:
* Neil Thomson (n.thomson AT, Subgroup Convener, or
* Ricardo Pereira (ricardo-at-tdwg-dot-org), System Administrator
---++!! Table of Contents
---++ Introduction to Natural Collections Descriptions (NCD)
Natural Collections Descriptions is an emerging data standard for describing collections of natural history materials at the collection level - in other words, one NCD record describes one entire collection.
It is intended primarily as a lightweight resource description standard that is specific to natural history and lies between general resource discovery standards such as Dublin Core (DC) and rich collection description standards such as the Encoded Archival Description (EAD). However, it should be possible to extract a Dublin Core record from an NCD record for use with general resource discovery systems or, going in the other direction, to use an NCD record as the seed for a much richer collection description as and when time allows.
NCD is intended to cover any type of natural history collection, such as specimens, original artwork, archives, observations, library materials, datasets, photographs or mixed collections such as those that result from expeditions and voyages of discovery.
The charter and further information may be found at the [[][NCD Website]].
---++ Latest Version and Related Files
NCD has reached version 0.9 and has been submitted (August 2008) to the TDWG approvals process through the Open Journal System. Once approved, it will be released as version 1.0
The latest normative files are in RDF and may be found in the TDWG resource directories:
The NCD files are Collection.rdf, !CollectionType.rdf, Institution.rdf, !InstitutionType.rdf and !ContactDetails.rdf
Auxilliary files may be found as attachments at the foot of this page, including the second edition of the submission document, which incorporates corrections and additions requested by the Review Group.
---++ Links to Discussion Topics
---+++ NCDListOfDeliverables
Work carried out from April 2nd to September 14th 2007
---+++ NCDWorkShops
The 2005 and 2006 workshops were held at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.
The 2007 Workshop was held at ETI in Amsterdam, 18th-19th June, 2007. The workshop reports for 2006, 2007 and other deliverables are available at the NCDWorkShops link.
No workshop took place in 2008.
---+++NCD Public Review
The Public review phase of NCD is underway. *All comments* should be made at (use "Add Comment" on the right hand side of the page). If you wish to refer to a document, please *FIRST* go to NCDPublicReview and use the Attach function at the bottom of the page to upload the file. Then add your comment to the OJS URL above with a link to NCDPublicReview.
---++ Background Reading and Related Activities
* [[][BioCASE]] Now completed EU FP5 project
* [[][EAD 2002]] Official site for the Encoded Archival Description
* [[][DC:Collections]] Dublin Core Collection Description Community
* [[][BiodiversityCollectionsIndex]] A global index of natural history collections.
* [[][NCD Toolkit]] Cross-platform database developed by ETI in Amsterdam based on v0.8 of NCD
---++ Auxilliary files
| [[%ATTACHURL%/NCD-v090_TDWG-SE.doc][NCD-v090_TDWG.doc]]:| *NCD v0.90 OJS submission - Second Edition following peer review stage* |
| [[][Collection.rdf]] | *RDF for collection* |
| [[][CollectionType.rdf]] | *RDF for collection type* |
| [[][Institution.rdf]] | *RDF for institution* |
| [[][InstitutionType.rdf]] | *RDF for institution type* |
| [[][ContactDetails.rdf]] | *RDF for contact details* |
| [[%ATTACHURL%/NCD-TDWG-2006.ppt][NCD-TDWG-2006.ppt]] | * 2006 presentation for TDWG * |
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD-TDWG-2006.ppt" attr="" autoattached="1" comment="2006 ppt for TDWG" date="1169820252" path="NCD-TDWG-2006.ppt" size="292352" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD_WReport_to_TDWG.doc" attr="" autoattached="1" comment="2006 Workshop report" date="1169820575" path="NCD_WReport_to_TDWG.doc" size="91648" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD-Guide-v1Draft.doc" attr="" autoattached="1" comment="User Guide Draft 1" date="1169819839" path="NCD-Guide-v1Draft.doc" size="155648" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD_Conference_Call_Minutes_May_17_2007.doc" attachment="NCD_Conference_Call_Minutes_May_17_2007.doc" attr="" comment="May 17, 2007 Conference call minutes" date="1179532561" path="NCD Conference Call Minutes May 17 2007.doc" size="29184" stream="NCD Conference Call Minutes May 17 2007.doc" user="Main.ConstanceRinaldo" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD_terms_version_4_July26.xls" attachment="NCD_terms_version_4_July26.xls" attr="" comment="Revised terminiology spreadsheet" date="1185487885" path="C:\Documents and Settings\butlerc\My Documents\CLD\2007\NCD terms version 4_July26.xls" size="2603520" stream="C:\Documents and Settings\butlerc\My Documents\CLD\2007\NCD terms version 4_July26.xls" user="Main.CarolButler" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD_terms_FINAL_Aug_3.xls" attachment="NCD_terms_FINAL_Aug_3.xls" attr="" comment="FINAL version of NCD terms" date="1186147149" path="C:\Documents and Settings\butlerc\My Documents\CLD\2007\NCD terms FINAL_Aug 3.xls" size="5116928" stream="C:\Documents and Settings\butlerc\My Documents\CLD\2007\NCD terms FINAL_Aug 3.xls" user="Main.CarolButler" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="MCNNCD.ppt" attachment="MCNNCD.ppt" attr="" comment="MCN powerpoint" date="1194465962" path="MCNNCD.ppt" size="886784" stream="MCNNCD.ppt" user="Main.ConstanceRinaldo" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD-v090_05_nht.doc" attachment="NCD-v090_05_nht.doc" attr="" comment="NCD v0.9 Draft submission document" date="1218016852" path="NCD-v090_05_nht.doc" size="1440768" stream="NCD-v090_05_nht.doc" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD-v090_TDWG.doc" attachment="NCD-v090_TDWG.doc" attr="" comment="NCD v0.90 Submission file to Open Journal System" date="1218549515" path="NCD-v090_TDWG.doc" size="486912" stream="NCD-v090_TDWG.doc" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="NCD-v090_TDWG-SE.doc" attachment="NCD-v090_TDWG-SE.doc" attr="" comment="NCD v0.90 Second Edition following peer review stage" date="1222421315" path="NCD-v090_TDWG-SE.doc" size="557056" stream="NCD-v090_TDWG-SE.doc" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"}%
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