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---++ Draft Core Concepts for Observational Data Standard
Please follow the links for additional details of possible information to capture in an observational data standard. All content should be considered draft - your comments are highly important!
The intent is to initially focus the observational standard on core attributes that are as universal as possible and apply to observations of all taxonomic groups and classification types. After we reach agreement on the core observation standard, ideally communities of users [such as the bird monitoring scientists] would develop standard extensions to the core observation standard.
*What* (ObsWhat) - identification of the observed entity / taxon identification attributes
*Who* (ObsWho) - observer / collector of the information
*When* (ObsWhen) - observation / collection event date / time
*Where* (ObsWhere) - location attributes
*How* (ObsHow) - survey methods / intensity / protocol
*Evidence* (ObsEvidence) – documentation attributes (specimens, references, images)
*Biology* (ObsBiology) - associated biological attributes
*Environment* (ObsEnvironment) - associated environmental attributes
*Data management attributes* (ObsDataManagement) – quality control, etc.
*Required Fields* (RequiredFields)
-- Main.LynnKutner - 12 Jul 2006
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