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---+ %MAKETEXT{"Phylogenetics Standards Interest Group Wiki" args="<nop>%WEB%"}%
Welcome to the website of the TDWG Interest Group on Phylogenetics Standards.
---++ %MAKETEXT{"Recent or Coming Events"}%
We are organizing a workshop on "[[PhyloSharingWorkshop2013][Sharing and delivery of reusable phylogenetic knowledge]]" at the 2013 TDWG Conference in Florence, Italy. The workshop will take place in the morning of Thursday, Oct 31.
---++ %MAKETEXT{"History"}%
A first workshop was held at the [[][2008 TDWG Annual Meeting]] in Perth/Fremantle, Australia. A [[][charter]] was finalized by Nico Cellinese and Hilmar Lapp, and approved in September 2009.
The 2008 workshop also resulted in a number of initial ideas for task groups, and was followed by a symposium during the main conference (see Session# 7 of the [[][conference program]]) with six presentations covering needs for and obstacles caused by a lack of appropriate standards, as well as opportunities offered by standards emerging in the field.
In Spring 2009, NESCent hosted the [[][Evolutionary Database Interoperability Hackathon]]. A group of collaborators who emerged from that event and subsequent activities articulated a vision for a grass-roots interoperability network for making evolutionary data broadly Web 3.0-compliant. This resulted in an [[][NSF INTEROP grant proposal]] submission in July 2009. The proposal was declined from funding in March 2010.
At the [[][2009 TDWG conference]] a 4-day [[][Phyloinformatics VoCamp]] aimed at collaborative development of vocabularies and ontologies took place, as well as a working session on the development of [[][RegNum]] and the [[][PhyloCode]].
At the [[][2010 TDWG conference]] in Woods Hole, MA, we organized a [[WorkingMeeting2010][full-day hands-on working meeting]]. One of its major outcomes is an in-depth report on [[LinkingTrees2010][Best Practices on Publishing Trees Electronically]], which led to the highly accessed publication on sharing phylogenies by [[][Stoltzfus, et al. (2012)]].
The group staged another workshop at the 2011 TDWG Conference in New Orleans, LA, on [[MIAPAWorkshop2011][Steps towards a Minimum Information About a Phylogenetic Analysis (MIAPA) Standard]], with the goal to determine how a future reporting standard for phylogenetic analyses can best serve biodiversity science and related research applications.
---++ %MAKETEXT{"Getting Involved"}%
We greatly welcome participation in any of the above and other activities. There is a mailing list ([[][tdwg-phylo]]) open to anyone. If you have ideas for any of the above topics or would like to participate in whatever role, please get in touch with us - we would love to hear from you.
---++ %MAKETEXT{"Links and Resources"}%
* 2008 [[PhylogeneticsStandardsWorkshop][Phylogenetics Standards Workshop]]
* 2009 [[][Evolutionary Database Interoperability Hackathon]]
* 2009 [[][EvoIO NSF INTEROP proposal]]
* 2009 [[][Phyloinformatics VoCamp]]
* 2010 [[Working Meeting 2010]]
* 2011 Workshop on [[MIAPAWorkshop2011][Steps towards a Minimum Information About a Phylogenetic Analysis (MIAPA) Standard]]
* 2013 Symposium and Workshop on [[PhyloSharingWorkshop2013][Sharing and delivery of reusable phylogenetic knowledge]]
We usually communicate over the [[][tdwg-phylo mailing list]].
---++ %MAKETEXT{"Acknowledgments"}%
The workshop and symposium at the 2008 TDWG Annual Meeting in Perth/Fremantle was co-sponsored by the Biodiversity Synthesis Center (<nop>BioSynC/EOL), the US National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (<nop>NESCent, NSF# EF-0423641), and TDWG.
The 2009 [[][Evolutionary Database Interoperability Hackathon]] and [[][Phyloinformatics VoCamp]] were sponsored by the US National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (<nop>NESCent, NSF# EF-0423641). The VoCamp received additional support from TDWG and [[][LIRMM]] (University of Montpellier).