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---+!! The TDWG Process Wiki
PLEASE NOTE: deliberations on the New Process Stage 1 are concluded. The Process subgroup has created two documents that were approved at the TDWG 2006 annual meeting in St Louis:
* a new Constitution [[%ATTACHURL%/TDWG_Constitution_2006-08-16.pdf][TDWG_Constitution_2006-08-16.pdf]] (17 KB), and
* a new Standards Development Process [[%ATTACHURL%/TDWG_Process_2006-08-16.pdf][TDWG_Process_2006-08-16.pdf]] (45 KB)
The pages on this wiki are being left here temporarily as documentation of our discussions. Further refinement of TDWG's structure and process will continue. This Wiki is also used for more general TDWG discussion (eg a new name for TDWG and student involvement with TDWG). The wiki is open to anyone interested in the topic, but you must register to edit pages and add content.
This wiki is used by the Taxonomic Databases Working Group (, Process subgroup for revising TDWG 'processes'. Comments pertaining to:
* The [[TDWG Constitution]]
* the StandardsDevelopmentProcess (the TDWG bylaws), and
* the OperationalRecommendations
* VotingBits
* UnresolvedIssues
---+++Other Executive Related Topics
* Executive.TdwgName
* Executive.TdwgSecretariat
* Executive.StudentsAndTDWG
---+++General Introductory Remarks
---++++ Separation of Constitution from Bylaws
The current TDWG organizational structure is specified in the [[][TDWG Constitution]], whereas the process for creating, reviewing and approving a standard is specified in the [[][Bylaws]]. Both of these components are currently being stored as a single html document, but there is no known requirement for treating them as a single entity. It makes sense to treat these two components separately because:
* the Constitution and Bylaws are now managed by different processes, and
* we are developing an explicit framework for versioning prescriptive specifications (i.e., standards and documents).
Without prejudging this decision, the [[Trash.ProcessOrganizationalStructure][structure]] and [[StandardsDevelopmentProcess][process]], as well as many of their components, are partioned here into a hierarchical series of pages.
| Mark Jackson notes: there are many interdependencies between the two documents, so revising one is likely to require revising the other. |
| Stan (5/21): The typical scope of an organization's constitution and bylaws is limited to its purpose, structure, and governance. These governing documents are meant to satisfy the requirements of potential sanctioning bodies (governments) and typically relate to purpose and the handling of money. The definition of our procedures for developing standards probably doesn't belong in the same document. |
| Stan (5/24): The more I think about this, the more I think the cleanest way to achieve a stable constitution and bylaws is to put only the primary or foundational elements and processes (like officers and elections) in the constitution and bylaws, and to remove the specification of the process and any additional required entities into one or more separate documents. We've been operating under the assumption that the constitution/bylaws is the only place where organizational entities and processes can be specified. I don't believe this is necessary. In addition to the standards development process, the old newsletter editor (soon to be webmaster or something similar) would be another entity that I would say is not primary, could be handled by a second level specification of entity and responsibility. |
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---++++ Constitution versus Organizational Entities Here
The pages on this wiki describing TDWG's organizational entities are not intended to replace the constitution as a whole; they are intended to replace the corresponding articles/paragraphs, or to be inserted where there is no analog. In other words, they would need to be merged into the Constitution. Articles in the Constitution that are not about organizational entities will be left as is unless they are superfluous, create a conflict, or need to be replaced for another reason.
---++++ Noteworthy Differences from the Current Structure and Process
This proposal has two important differences from current structure and process. First, under this proposal TDWG membership would be defined by application (declaration) and participation, rather than the payment of annual dues. Second, the ratification of proposed standards would be done by the TDWG Executive Committee in consultation with Technical Architecture Group, rather than by vote. See the RationaleForChanges.
---+++ More Info
For more information about the mandate of the Process Subgroup, please see the subgroup charter in the attachment below. For more information about the work of this subgroup please contact Stan Blum (sblum-at-calacademy-dot-org), Subgroup Convener.
For information or problems with this wiki, please contact Ricardo Pereira (ricardo-at-tdwg-dot-org), System Administrator, or Roger Hyam (roger-at-tdwg-dot-org), also a System Administrator.
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* [[%ATTACHURL%/MarkJackson_CommentsOnTDWG-ProcessWIKI.doc][MarkJackson_CommentsOnTDWG-ProcessWIKI.doc]]: MarkJackson_CommentsOnTDWG-ProcessWIKI.doc
* [[%ATTACHURL%/TDWG_Constitution_2006-08-16.pdf][TDWG_Constitution_2006-08-16.pdf]]: TDWG_Constitution_2006-08-16.pdf
* [[%ATTACHURL%/TDWG_Process_2006-08-16.pdf][TDWG_Process_2006-08-16.pdf]]: TDWG_Process_2006-08-16.pdf
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="TDWG_Process_2006-08-16.pdf" attr="" autoattached="1" comment="" date="1155725981" path="TDWG_Process_2006-08-16.pdf" size="45380" user="Main.StanleyBlum" version="1"}%
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%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="TDWG_Constitution_2006-08-16.pdf" attr="" autoattached="1" comment="" date="1155725905" path="TDWG_Constitution_2006-08-16.pdf" size="17026" user="Main.StanleyBlum" version="1"}%
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