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*The preferred method of discussion is now the SDD Wiki, but we occasionally still use the mailing list.*
*NEW:* Along with other TDWG on-line resources, the TDWG-SDD mailing list has now been moved to the new TDWG servers. This message has been sent using the new list to The new web address for the list is:
* [[]]
No action needs to be taken, except that registered users may post to this list by sending email to:
We thank the University of Kansas Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center, Jim Beach and Rob Dewhirst in particular for kindly and efficiently running this list for us!
<h2>Archives are at:</h2>
* [[][Archives of the current email list (at TDWG)]]
* [[][Archives up to Jan 2006]]
* [[][An old backup version; content was migrated to list above]]
-- Main.GregorHagedorn - 23 Feb 2007
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