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---++Welcome to the Getting Started Wiki
This is workspace for all newcomers to TDWG. If you can't find something or think that you could use a newcomer-friendly introduction to any area of TDWG, please post a note here and we will see how best to address the issue. If you have a gripe, post it here. If you think something is wonderful, let us know here.
If you are new to TDWG, the first place to look is the page on the main TDWG web site.
---+++Frequently Asked Questions
We're compiling a list of FrequentlyAskedQuestions. Feel free to contribute to it!
---++ <nop>%WEB% Web Utilities
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* WebTopicList - all topics in alphabetical order
* WebChanges - recent topic changes in this web
* WebNotify - subscribe to an e-mail alert sent when topics change
* WebRss, WebAtom - RSS and ATOM news feeds of topic changes
* WebStatistics - listing popular topics and top contributors
* WebPreferences - preferences of this web