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This page is for documents and diagrams that reflect earlier conceptual models in biodiversity informatics. These could be helpful in understanding where we have come from as we examine issues around RDF, the Semantic Web, and the TDWG Ontology.
One of the first efforts to develop a conceptual model for biological collections was a workshop held in August of 1992. The report from that workshop, the "ASC Model," was published electronically (posted on an FTP site) in March 1993, as a high-level entity-relationship model. The three PDFs posted below were produced from the original files in January 1997.
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%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="Ascmodrpt.pdf" attachment="Ascmodrpt.pdf" attr="" comment="The Association of Systematics Collections (ASC) [now Natural Science Collections Alliance (NSCA)] report on: An Information Model for Biological Collections" date="1288074958" path="Ascmodrpt.pdf" size="229785" stream="Ascmodrpt.pdf" user="Main.StanleyBlum" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="Ascfig1.pdf" attachment="Ascfig1.pdf" attr="" comment="ASC Model Figure 1" date="1288075118" path="Ascfig1.pdf" size="2507" stream="Ascfig1.pdf" user="Main.StanleyBlum" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="Ascfig2.pdf" attachment="Ascfig2.pdf" attr="" comment="ASC Model Figure 2" date="1288075416" path="Ascfig2.pdf" size="10927" stream="Ascfig2.pdf" user="Main.StanleyBlum" version="1"}%
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