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The stated strategy of the Technical Architecture Group is to:
_"Produce a yearly review and forecast of technical issues within TDWG prior to the annual meeting - The Roadmap."_
This page was used to develop the 2008 Roadmap document. This work is now complete. If you need to see how it progressed you can look at the change history for this page.
The finished document is now available as a PDF file: [[%ATTACHURL%/TDWG_TAG_Roadmap_2008.pdf][TDWG_TAG_Roadmap_2008.pdf]]
Roadmaps were also produced for
[[][2006]] and
---++ Agenda for TAG Meeting in Fremantle
Sunday 19th October 2008 0900-1300 Notre Dame University Education Centre room 36.103 (seats 45)
See the conference site on how to find this stuff
* LSIDs - Adopting a realistic position on adoption?
* Design By Consensus == collective wisdom of individual ignorance - discuss.
* Ontology - How we going to manage this thing?
* Delimited Files - How do we ensure they are integrated with everything else?
* Convener - How are we ever going to replace Roger? :)
---++ Attendees
This is an open meeting but it would be helpful if you would add your name below so we know who to expect.
* RogerHyam
* KathiSchleidt
* GregWhitbread
* Please add your name here...
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