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---+!! Welcome to the Technical Architecture Subgroup Wiki
This wiki is for the development of:
* An overall architecture for TDWG standards.
* A migration route from the current and proposed standards to the new architecture.
* A role for Technical Architecture Group within the TDWG standards development process.
We have just completed the RoadMap2008 document for 2008. This is the main document for the year.
Coming out of the TDWG 2008 meeting we have a SpeciesPages page.
---++ The Standards Architecture
<img src="%ATTACHURLPATH%/blocks_01_small.png" alt="blocks_01_small.png" width="800"/>
This is a summary (in a single diagram) of the standards architecture as it is evolving. There is an illustrated talk on the reasoning behind this diagram on the ArchTalk page.
A high level view of the architecture is as a three legged stool. The seat of the stool represents integrated data and is supported by the three pillars of Globally Unique Identifiers, exchange protocols and an ontology. To try and give this rambling wiki structure there are three pages representing the three legs of the stool; TagArchGuids, TagArchProtocols and TagArchOntology.
At the [[TagMeeting1][TAG-1 meeting]] it was agreed that a core ontology should be developed by members of the current subgroups for proposal to the TDWG community and to act as a platform for developing prototypes to test future technologies and developments. Details regarding the development can be found on the [[TDWG Ontology]] page.
The LSID Vocabularies are under active development and are discussed under LsidVocs. Once things are identified with LSIDs people will want to tag their data with those ids this is the subject of LsidLookUp.
A frequently asked question is "What is an ontology?" or "What is the TDWG ontology?" - so there is a WhatIsTheOntology page!
Matters connected to TAPIR are dealt with under the TAPIR.WebHome subgroup. The TAPIR subgroup may soon become a task group under the umbrella of the TAG.
Not shown on the diagram but integral to its implementation are Globally Unique Identifiers which also have their own subgroup GUID.WebHome. This group may also evolve into a TAG task group in the future.
---++ Quality Assurance
The TAG has a role in ensuring the quality of TDWG products. The management of quality is a well established discipline in the software engineering community. The QualityAssurance page is a focus for efforts at introducing best practice into our processes.
---++ Other Stuff of Interest
* SpeciesMicroformat is currently being developed outside of TDWG but there is a page on this wiki to discuss relationships to the TDWG standards and how we might integrate.
* e-Biosphere OntologyRoadmap
* HistoricalDocuments on conceptual modeling in biodiversity informatics. (e.g., the "ASC Model")
---++ Editor
I (Main.RogerHyam) am charged with leading the development of the architecture and so will try and keep this wiki as organised as possible. If it you think it could be improved please let me know.
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="TDWG_Charter_TAG_05.pdf" attr="" autoattached="1" comment="Proposed Charter - PDF" date="1165870784" path="TDWG_Charter_TAG_05.pdf" size="50192" user="Main.RogerHyam" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="TDWG_Charter_TAG_05.doc" attr="" autoattached="1" comment="Proposed Charter - DOC" date="1165870816" path="TDWG_Charter_TAG_05.doc" size="131072" user="Main.RogerHyam" version="1"}%
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="blocks_01_small.png" attachment="blocks_01_small.png" attr="" comment="Architecture in a Single Diagram" date="1173098096" path="blocks_inverted_01_small.png" size="159394" stream="blocks_inverted_01_small.png" user="Main.RogerHyam" version="6"}%
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